Monday, November 4, 2013

Follow-up, Follow-up

Since you have asked we thought it would be a good idea to do a follow-up blog about our “Is Anybody Doing Follow-up These Days.”

If you missed the first blog and don’t want to find and read it, here is a Cliff Notes Version.

It was about four business that did zero or near zero customer service or follow-up when it came to questions or problems related to their business operations.

An insurance company, a car dealership, the USPS and a restaurant.  All had promised to follow-up with issues and all didn’t do proper follow-up.

Yes, here it is a week later and you have asked if anything has changed.  Well, in the case of the car dealership, since the issue was safety related we have called back (3rd time) and they did get to us and the issue was corrected.

With the USPS they still have not followed up and yes the package in question is still missing.  We have now also notified the shipper of the problem and have not received even an email about the missing shipment.  To be fair the USPS records do show they shipped the package and it made it as far as the USPS sorting facility here in Phoenix.

The car insurance company has not called yet and the next move must be ours to call them back and see if we can get a further discount (as promised) for the security device added to the car. 

The restaurant that didn’t have the good sense to make sure the plate of food was edible when brought to a customer, why would I go back.  Error not corrected. No refund offered. Why would I give them another chance?  Why should I?

It’s easy to forget to follow-up considering how busy we are. We may have every intention of calling our customer or prospect but we get caught up in our everyday business duties. Unexpected problems crop up, we find ourselves spending more time in meetings or stuck in traffic, and because we didn’t make notes about the follow-up, it doesn’t get done. This is a common dilemma but one that can be avoided by considering doing the follow-up like a scheduled appointment.

A quick telephone call after your product or service has been delivered confirms their decision to buy from you was the correct one.  Follow-up to a customer request or to solve a problem should never be forgotten or avoided.

So we ask the question again,,, How good is your business follow-up?

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