Friday, June 29, 2012

Why Your Business Should have a Brochure

Do you ever have a customer ask for more information that they can take home and think about?  The average customer doesn't usually make snap buying decisions. They want to compare and think over any large purchase. What makes "it" a large purchase?  That answer varies from customer to customer. But the needs for product (or service) brochures are there.

The quick answer "It's on my website" doesn't satisfy everyone. Some customers don't use computers.  Others feel that a brochure you can hold in your hand is better than a website.

You should always have enough information in your brochure as is necessary to inform your customer about the product 9or service) and your business.

When a prospect requests your brochure, keep in mind, that they are interested in reading about your product or service.

They want to know about your product, service, website, price, ordering information, and you must be fully descriptive. Still keep the information simple by breaking the content into easy to read sections.

Make sure the customers knows you have the product or service to meet their needs.

Remember your brochure should inform your customer and close the sale!

If you need help from start to finish MI Printing is here to help meet your needs.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Questions That Can Spark New Business Ideas

What can you do to further your business?  This questions usually falls into two categories.  Either you have new or additional items to sell or you want to reach more customers.

New ideas are usually what you need.  You can ask your self questions about your business or your customer base and see if that leads to new ideas.

Question Number One
What new marketing ideas are being successfully used by other businesses in your industry?

Look at other industries where you see a business that is very successfully and ask yourself what marketing ideas are used in that industry that you could apply to your business or services?  This doesn’t have to be related in any way.  Just an idea or technique that is working for marketing ideas that you aren’t using currently.

Question Number Two
What are the new ways that I can acquire customers?

Have you ever thought about that? Most of us acquire customers one particular way. We have one method of acquiring customers. Ask yourself: What are the new ways that I can acquire customers? It will set off a chain reaction of ideas for you and your business, and when you start implementing these ideas, your business inevitably is going to expand and grow and get bigger and better and bring in more revenue.

You want to build your business on purpose, not by chance or happenstance.  Don’t wait for new business to walk through your front door, go out and give them a real reason to visit.

Let MI Printing help you get the word out with a new brochure or flyer.  Give us a call and we can talk about your business needs … 623.582.1302

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Complaints, Nightmares From Hell

Complaints are bad enough when they belong to you.  In the third part on customer complaints we have saved the “worst” for last.  What kind of complaint is the worst.  First they end up on the Internet in Social Media or on Review sites and worst of all they are 100% baseless.

Yes, there are complaints that are out there and the business is NOT guilty of the story being told about them.  It happens, really! 

These also fall into two types.  The first are complaints that have the correct business and the story being told has some part of it that is accurate.  The second type of erroneous complaint is one that somehow faults a business that is the wrong business and the story being told is completely fabricated.

What makes both of these two types of complaints hard to deal with is that that can’t be corrected.  There is no likely hood that the customer can be identified and then have the situation corrected.  The story is not going to have the outcome of being followed up with the customer doing a favorable follow-up.

With a story that is completely wrong you can write your side of the story but that will call more attention to the original story.  Some people will believe the original story no matter what you do and rehashing it will just add more negative press and new readers feelings.  Ignore the story and keep doing a good job with all of your customers and the story really will fade away.

If your question is why would somebody write a story that harms an innocent business?  They only have a vague idea and either create a story or pass on one they have read about.  This tends to fall into the “Too much time and too little to do” genre. Some people are just plain mean and don’t care if they hurt innocent people.  It brings them attention either directly or indirectly.

With a story that seems to have a bit of correct information mixed with a big story that is mostly wrong you should still try to contact the person who is writing about you and take the time to listen to their side of the story.  What you are looking for is how, in their mind, they are writing a story that isn’t complete or accurate from your point of view.

You want to see if you can arrange a meeting of the minds that allows them to let you give them a solution for the problem they think happened.  You still have the chance for a re-write from them that you stepped up to the plate and solved the problem.  That is the best you can hope for, if not “silence” is still the best policy. Again think of the Striesand Effect.

You can count on MI Printing when you need business printing done at a fair price and with great turn-around.  Give us a call at 623.582.1302 and see how we can help you with your business printing needs.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Complaints, Direct Action Is Best

As promised this is part two of a three part series on complaints.  In yesterday’s blog we covered complaints in general.  Today it is primarily focused on the complaints that end up being listed as part of the Internet and in either the Social Media sites or the Review sites like “Yelp”.

First, lets say that if you can, try not to let a customer’s dissatisfaction reach this level.  Try working with a customer to make sure you understand what you need to do to satisfy them.

Also we are going to talk today about complaints that are true and with merit.  You know the ones that you really should own up to.  They happen in every business no matter how hard you try to prevent them.

There are times when the first you know about an unhappy customer is when you find or someone tells you about post in Social media or a Review web site.  I’m never sure why customers think that is the best place to start a complaint or why that avenue will do the best to get a problem resolved.  Perhaps it is not a matter of getting something fixed, replaced or a refund but a way to vent anger and/or frustration.

Step One:
If possible identify who the customer is and contact them directly.  If you can do this step you can then listen to the customer side of this story and “Truly Fix” the problem (whatever it takes)!  This part is done one-to-one and offline.

Never make a retraction part of the “solution”.  In general the customer will usually write a follow-up and explain that you went out of your way (you did, didn’t you) to resolve the issue and invite them to come back as customer again (you did, didn’t you).  Some will not, but you can feel that the negative comments will stop.

Step Two:
When you can’t identify who the customer is respond online in the place where the complaint appears (if possible). Make sure that your response is just an invitation to the “poster” to contact you so you can help in resolving their issue. Keep as much of the “solution steps” private and offline.  (re-read the Streisand Effect)

Again never make a retraction part of your “fix”.  The customer will usually write a follow-up and tell about how you went out of your way (of course) to understand and fix the issue and invite them to come back as customer (just plain good business).  Again, some people will not, but you can feel that the negative comments should stop.

You can count on MI Printing when you need business printing done at a fair price and with great turn-around.  Give us a call at 623.582.1302 and see how we can help you with your business printing needs.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Complaints, Every Business Gets Them

No matter how well you run your business or how well you try and treat your customers you will eventually get a complaint.  It could come in person, over the phone, in a email or plastered all over the internet.  That is an exaggeration but it can sure feel like that is what a complaint feels like when you read it in social media or in a review site or forum.

It is said that the best measure of a business is how it deals with an unhappy customer.

We have said many times that a good measure of how to treat a customer is to treat them in exactly the same way you would want to be treated yourself.  In some cases the customer will not even be happy with that baseline as a starting or ending point when it comes to compensation. 

First listen to the customer and make sure you understand the full nature of their complaint.  The next step can be very simple.  Ask the customer what you can do to remedy the situation.  In some cases this will not be necessary as the customer will tell you exactly what they want.

The first step can be to simply replace the item or redo the service. 

In some cases a partial or full refund will be necessary.

If a product has caused additional damage then the correction of the damage may also be necessary.

If you are reselling a product you may find the original warranty will have limitations that can be a baseline for the restitution.

Once you have suggested or even completed your idea of the correction to the customer complaint make sure the customer agrees that the step you have done or suggested really makes the customer happy.

Once the customer has reverted back to a “happy state” you should be able to consider the matter resolved.

Tomorrow and the next day we are going to cover the two most basic types of complaints.  That is the ones that have some merit and those that are completely baseless or even out-right lies.

If you are looking for the business printer for all of your commercial printing needs, we ask you to consider MI Printing.  Where happy customers are our number one project.  Give us a call at 623.582.1302 and let us help you with your printing needs.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

MI Printing: Special Carbonless Forms

At MI Printing we can take care of all of your carbonless needs far beyond just carbonless forms.  These can be used for employment applications, order forms, job tickets, invoices, estimates or proposals. If needed, backside printing is available.

Please let us know what type of padding you expect for your forms.  For best results a PDF file is required for the customer supplied artwork.

Need to know more about all the uses for carbonless forms contact us at MI Printing.

We are ready to help just give us a call at 623.582.1302 for our current special pricing on carbonless forms.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

What Is The Streisand Effect

The Streisand effect is a primarily online phenomenon in which an attempt to hide or remove a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely. It is named after entertainer Barbra Streisand, whose attempt in 2003 to suppress photographs of her residence inadvertently generated further publicity and widespread re-posting of the image she wanted to stop.

Similar attempts have been made, for example, in cease-and-desist letters, to suppress numbers, files and websites. Instead of being suppressed, the information receives extensive publicity and media extensions such as videos and spoof songs, often being widely mirrored across the Internet or distributed on file-sharing networks.

Mike Masnick of coined the term after Streisand, citing privacy violations, unsuccessfully sued photographer Kenneth Adelman and for 50 million dollars in an attempt to have an aerial photograph of her mansion removed from the publicly available collection of 12,000 California coastline photographs.

Adelman said that he was photographing beachfront property to document coastal erosion as part of the government sanctioned and commissioned California Coastal Records Project. Before Streisand filed her lawsuit, "Image 3850" had been downloaded from Adelman's website only six times; two of those downloads were by Streisand's own attorneys.

As a result of the case, public knowledge of the picture increased substantially; more than 420,000 people visited the site over the following month.

So think through possible side-effects of your actions when comes to dealing with Internet files, articles and posts.  The old adage that comes to mind is “Let sleeping dogs lie”.

If you are looking for a good business printer for all of your commercial needs,  My we humbly suggest  MI Printing.  Give us a call at 623.582.1302 and let us help you with your printing needs.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Truth Will Set You Free

We have all heard that old maxim;  John 8:32 “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” There is even one of the Ten Commandments (the 9th) that covers the very same subject.

“Ninth Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness”.

Even popular authors have touched on it… “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't.” ― Mark Twain

Why do we start of reminding our readers of the “Truth”  Lately many commercials from large and small companies alike play fast and loose with the truth as they tout their services and products.

What consumers want most from a company is to be able to trust what they say about the products in their ads.  Survey after survey comes back with the same answers… consumers don’t want to be cheated.

No one wants to do business with a company that starts the relationship with a lie.  Yet for short term gains companies are doing just that.

Every cable and satellite services say they have the best price, best service and best choices… can’t be true.

Don’t get me started about cell phone providers… best prices, most coverage and fastest service.  Some don’t even offer the service they advertise.  Oh yes, some time in the future they will have what the ads make you believe they have now.  Some compare a phone that is 3G and only 3G and compare it to a 4G service they won’t have till late 2013.

As gas prices have risen we have car companies are using EPA gas mileage estimates as though they are real world numbers.

Are you running your business and treating customers they way you want to be treated?  Just because others are being untruthful to their customers why would you do it?

Let MI Printing help you tell a great story to your customers with your business printing.  Give us a call at 623.582.1302 to get a real truthful business printing quote.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What Does Our Better Business Bureau Rating Mean To You?

MI Printing has the honor of having a Better Business Bureau Accreditation.  What does that mean to you when you are using us for your business printing needs.

The BBB Vision:
An ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other.

The BBB Mission:
BBB’s mission is to be the leader in advancing marketplace trust. BBB accomplishes this mission by:

• Creating a community of trustworthy businesses
• Setting standards for marketplace trust
• Encouraging and supporting best practices
• Celebrating marketplace role models, and;
• Denouncing substandard marketplace behavior

BBB sees trust as a function of two primary factors – integrity and performance. Integrity includes respect, ethics and intent. Performance speaks to a business’s track record of delivering results in accordance with BBB standards and/or addressing customer concerns in a timely, satisfactory manner.

BBB ensures that high standards for trust are set and maintained. We exist so consumers and businesses alike have an unbiased source to guide them on matters of trust. We provide educational information and expert advice that is free of charge and easily accessible.

BBB Accreditation is an honor – and not every company is eligible. Businesses that meet our high standards are invited to join BBB. Businesses meeting BBB standards are presented to local Boards of Directors (or designees) for review and acceptance as a BBB Accredited Business.

At MI Printing we think that a business should live up to the standards set by the Better Business Bureau.  So when you need business printing give us a call at 623.582.1302 and see what we can do for your business.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Hot Weather Business Promotions

Well the mercury just went past 113° F on my thermometer.  I don’t know about you but that ranks up there on my hot meter.  Yes, I was here when the Valley of the Sun’s heat went past 122° F on June 26th 1990.

If you think that was bad try Lake Havasu City, (in Northern Arizona) they reached 128° Fahrenheit on June 29th, 1994.

So what do you do to get customers excited about your business when the asphalt is trying to melt?  Well I’m sure offering them something cool is a very good idea. However, not all business can do that.  Or, can they.

Places that sell food and drink have an edge in the cool drinks, ice cream and like minded treats.  But if your business is service oriented you may think that you have noting to offer that is “cool”.  You could think of paper fans with your name on them as a give away item for you customers on a hot day.  You could even work out a deal with a local ice cream parlor and run a combined flyer that trades an item for a purchase from the others business.

You can always run offers that offer “Cool Savings” on items or services.  You want your customers to think cool alright, but more important you want customers (or potential customers) to think of you when they need those same products or services.

The bad news (timing wise) is you can even get a better deal on advertising summer products during the winter months or at the very end of the summer when many products will go on clearance or become discontinued, due to being out of season. Shopping around in the off season for your summer promotional gifts can enable you to save even more money on these items and that’s why it is so important to plan your promotions a year in advance. Doing so can allow you time to put together your concepts, save money on shipping in addition to on the products themselves and can also help you allot your marketing budget evenly throughout the year. It is essential that you run year round promotions for a maximum impact on your company. By thinking ahead, and purchasing next years promotional products, this year, you are going to be saving money and planning for a very successful advertising year.

For more cool ideas give MI Printing a call on your printed items.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

MI Printing: Special Custom Business Cards

At MI Printing we can take care of all of your business card needs far beyond just simple black on white.  They say you simply aren't in business without your business cards. Need to know more about all the uses for business cards?  Learn about the many options for your cards.  Please give us a call at 623-582-1302.

Please ask about money saving larger quantities.  For best results a PDF file is required for the customer supplied artwork.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Part Two Of Learning To Use Your Business Cards

Maximize Every "Per Chance" Meeting
You never know when you might meet someone who can help you. Family or friends social events could produce unexpected encounters with people. Don't discount those events. So you're going to a birthday party for your friend's kid. You never know who you might meet at a family holiday gathering.

Place Yourself At The Right Place At The Right Time
Have you been to a job fair or business conference and been disappointed with the networking results' Turn the tables around. Consider volunteering to help out at the job fair or other types of events. This puts you in a better strategic position for presenting your resume or business card. Company representatives might view you differently, if they know you are willing to go the extra mile in helping them make their presence easier to manage. Zig Ziglar, one of the most successful sales trainers in the world says "if you help enough people get what they want in life, you will get what you want in life".

Use "In Your Face" Follow Up
Did you ever have a job interview or meeting with a recruiter, potential client or employer and wonder why they never called you back' 'Out of sight, out of mind' is the operative phrase to remember. Today's economic climate dictates you might be competing with 20, 50, 100 or more other people for the same position or contract. It's quite a task for people to keep track of each individual meeting. So it's up to you to give a person a reason to call you back. Immediately after a meeting snail mail a hand written note thanking the person for their time. Insert your business card. Now you're in the driver's seat in standing out from other people. If you get no response, do it again. Patience and persistence pays off.

Use Promotions To Promote YOU
Newspapers often have stories of people being promoted to high levels in different organizations' This is an opportunity for you. Consider getting some invitation size blank greeting cards. Use the Internet's search capabilities to find out the address of the company's executive offices. Send the blank invitation type card with a hand written note sincerely congratulating a person on their promotion. Insert your business card. For the cost of a stamp, you have just made someone's day and may create an impression that makes a person feel compelled to respond back to you. Make it a habit to do this at least once a week.

Brand Yourself With A Slogan
Print a slogan on your business card that answers the question 'Why should I hire you' Or "What makes you different from everyone else.' Companies pay big bucks to advertising agencies to come up with these lasting slogans. Consider doing the exact same thing on your business card. This is your insurance people will remember you, after you meet. Don't just put Fred Smith, Accountant on your business card. Add something like "Financial Services With Integrity". A slogan makes all the difference between getting hired or not, because people will remember you long after a meeting.

Doing it right with MI Printing.  Let us help with your next business card.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Part One The Proper Way To Use Your Business Cards

Yesterday we talked about your new business card and what it should contain.  Now we want to take two days to talk about ways to promote your business with those cards.

Whether you are looking for a job or running a business, giving out business cards is crucial to marketing your skills or services.

Never leave home without them.
Before leaving home, your checklist should be expanded to include business cards, as part of "do I have my wallet/money, house keys, driver's license'" Any 'per chance' meeting is an opportunity to give out a business card. A morning run or a quick trip to the local store could be an opportunity to network. Make it a habit to carry business cards.

Insert a business card when mailing bill payments.
Bills contain advertisements. Why can't you advertise your skills or services the same way' Insert a business card with your payment. You may not think a person in South Dakota who opens your credit card bill payment can help you. Never underestimate the power of promotion and marketing.

Use proper business card etiquette.
Whenever you give a business card, ask for a business card. When given a business card, don't just take it and place it in your pocket. Make the person feel important by looking at their card for a few seconds. You might see something that could be a topic of discussion. Write comments on the card such as date, location and common points of interest. These comments will prove valuable when following up with that person. This also demonstrates a sincere interest in the other person. Then place it in your wallet. This lets them know they reside in a special place with you.

Be generous.
Give business cards out to everyone, including family and friends. Don't let vanity stop you from giving out your last business card or giving two at a time to each person. I have met many people who have totally missed the purpose of a business card. I once asked a person for a second business card, so I could refer his services. His response was "I only have a few cards left and I need them", as he looked again at his name on the card. Hoarding your business cards only makes your wallet feel full, not your bank account.

Ask for referrals.
When giving a business card, people feel more comfortable when you ask; 'I would appreciate a referral, if you know anyone that could use my services'. Don't make people feel like they are on the spot. This approach disarms people much better than asking them, 'is your company hiring'' People naturally like to do favors for people. Saying 'could you do me a favor by referring my services to someone' you know. This always places you in a better position with them. They will feel better about helping you. Give them two cards.

Let MI Printing help you with your next business card.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Business Cards Learn To Use Them

I think it is safe to say that every business person has a business card that tells at least something about contacting them.  But, is that enough for your business card to accomplish… your contact information?

Usually one of the first things a new business owner does is have business cards made.  Many times the order is for the least amount of cards the vendor will produce.  The thinking is “I’ll never use that many of them.”  Nothing could be further from the truth. 

In the Multi-Level Marketing world they have what is called the “Three Foot Rule.”  The thinking is that anyone within three feet of you should be given a business card.  Excessive?  How fast do you want to grow your business?  The more people who know you, the more people who could potentially do business with you.  It doesn’t matter what your business is the larger the circle of people you interact with the greater likely hood that they could be interested in what you do or what you sell.

Yes, some people are shy about starting a conversation with a stranger and passing them a business card.  It is said that younger people have more trouble with that action than older people.  It seems however that it can be a learned habit.

You know you do nice work or that you sell great products or services.  Why not start conversations with strangers and  find out about them and their needs.  Even if they would never use your services they have friends or family who would.  If they aren’t interested today they can keep your card for future reference or pass it on to someone who needs you now.

So take the time to spread the good news about you and your business to everyone you can.

So the next time you order business cards make it a least 1,000 if not 2,500 and start passing them out like there is no tomorrow.  Remember to use both sides!

At a minimum your business card should list;Name of Individual - Job Title of Individual
Name of Business or Organization - Tagline or Description of Business
Phone Number(s)
Email Address
Web Page Address
Photo of Individual
List of Services or Products

Let MI Printing help you with your next business card.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

The Marketing Planning Process

A marketing plan is a plan which outlines a businesses’ overall marketing efforts. Marketing process can be realized by the marketing to the scope of the business and to the right customer. The last step in the process is the marketing controlling.

The marketing plan can function from two points: strategy and tactics. In most large organizations, "strategic planning" is an annual process, typically covering just the year ahead. Occasionally, a few organizations may look at a practical plan which stretches three or more years ahead.  What makes small businesses more responsive is the ability make overnight changes in both strategy and tactics.

To be effective in the large corporation, the plan has to be formalized, usually in written form, as a formal "marketing plan." The essence of the process is that it moves from the general to the specific, from the vision to the mission to the goals to the corporate objectives of the organization, then down to the individual action plans for each part of the marketing program. It is also an interactive process, so that the draft output of each stage is checked to see what impact it has on the earlier stages, and is amended.

Again the small business can make wholesale changes without going back into committee to re-analyze the current plan.  They can sense the changes without waiting for the financial reports to point out the failure of the basic marketing plan.

The marketing objectives must usually be based, above all, on the organization's financial objectives; converting these financial measurements into the related marketing measurements. He went on to explain his view of the role of "policies," with which strategy is most often confused: "Policies are rules or guidelines that express the 'limits' within which action should occur. "Simplifying somewhat, marketing strategies can be seen as the means, or "game plan," by which marketing objectives will be achieved and, in the framework that we have chosen to use, are generally concerned with the 8 P's.

Examples are:
Price — The amount of money needed to buy products
Product — The actual product
Promotion (advertising) - Getting the product known
Placement — Where the product is sold
People — Represent the business
Physical environment — The ambiance, mood, or tone of the environment
Process — The Value-added services that differentiate the product from the competition (e.g. after-sales service, warranties)
Packaging — How the product will be protected

Let us help you communicate your business to your customer with simple printing needs.  Let MI Printing solve your business challenges.

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Friday, June 8, 2012

MI Printing: Flyers For All Your Advertising Needs

 Quality flyers are among the most used advertising media that can help draw more prospective customers to your business.  It our job to make sure you are satisfied with those advertising materials.  We are proud to produce printed materials that you are proud to distribute.

We can help bring your companies' image into your companies' printed materials used in communication and advertising.

Call Paula at  623.582.1302  to discuss how we can show you our Customer Satisfaction model for your printing needs.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Combined Promotions Work For Two

I read an article (on about a simple business partnership that worked well for both firms.

Gulf News, the UAE’s leading English daily newspaper, wanted to reach even more readers and convert them into subscribers. The target was to gain 1.5% more subscribers, help promote their twitter channel and increase traffic to the Gulf News website by at least 25%.

Consumption habit suggests that people read newspapers while having their morning cup of coffee. Tim Hortons in the UAE serves 35-50,000 coffees per month, per outlet. Realizing its untapped potential, they decided to create a campaign around them to meet the target.

The ExecutionSince fresh news goes well with fresh coffee, they adapted the coffee cup sleeve of Tim Hortons, a global coffee chain, into an advertising medium and created The ‘Headline News’ Cup Sleeve.

Every cup. Every hour. Every day. When Tim Hortons customers received a cup of coffee, they also received the headline news of the hour, printed using a special printer that pulled out tweets from the Gulf News Twitter account. The short URL and QR code on the sleeve then directed them to the Gulf News website where they could read the full story.

The ResultsOver 1,440 headline tweets have been printed on more than 840,000 coffee cups.
More than 2,900 new Gulf News Twitter followers in the first two weeks of the campaign launch.

The traffic on the Gulf News website grew by 41%.  Subscription’s were up by 2.8% so far.
What local company can you team up with and have a related or tie-in promotion.  Is there a local coffee shop you can promote new items on their coffee cup sleeves?  How about a simple flyer for your business stuffed in a nearby grocery store and you stuff flyers for the grocery store in with your sales. 

Two restaurants with very different menus could do the same type of promotion.  People like a change and nearly all won’t eat at the same restaurant every night or even every week.  You can recommend a change that recommends you back.  A reminder to customers even when they are at another location. 

A cross promotion with the right partner could work well in your shopping area.

When you are ready for your new flyer give MI Printing a call at 623.582.1302.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Give Them a Better Reason To Buy!

When you see businesses run ads they tend to be price specific.  To ad insult to injury they tend to run in patterns, say every Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday.  The business ends up training the customer to wait to shop on a day that they know the price is going to lower.

Does that pattern lead to new business? Does it lead to more business? Or, does it lead to selling stock at a lower price?  Does this mean that the sale lowers the net profit with out other measurable benefits?

The normal mantra is you have to get them (the customer) into the business with the intent to buy and while they are there the customer will buy other items that are not on sale to make up for the leader items that are featured in the sale.

There is an old saying that goes like this… “We lose money on every item we sell, but we make up for it in volume.”

A business must be supported by a marketing effort.  Why is it the normal thought that that means selling items at a discounted price?  Sometimes moving merchandise at a discount makes sense.  Do you have an overstock in some items?  Do you have items that have a sell by date that is fast approaching?  Is there a new model that is coming out (or is already out) that has better features and the same or lower price?  Answer yes, to those questions and a discounted price begins to make very good sense.

If you are doing a flyer or brochure that needs to last over time then price is not the feature you want to headline or tout.

Why are you carrying or selling an item?  Does it fill a need?  What makes it better than the (your) competition?  Is it local?  Are they fresher?  Does it taste better?  Is it a time saver?  Is it safer?  Is it faster?  Is it better looking?  Will it last longer?  Is it easier to use?  Does it make you feel better, be better, better looking or smarter?  Does it cost less to operate?  Is your customer service better and local?  What makes the service you provide the very best?  Sell your expertise!

Those are some of the reasons to buy a product.  What on earth does price have to do with it?

Let MI Printing help you with your next handout, flyer or brochure.  Give us a call so we can help you tell a better story.  We are as close as your phone 623.582.1302.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Do You Need or Want New Customers?

If you are a small business owner and your everyday goal is “Getting New Customers” you may have a very basic problem.  Are you a brand new business?  If you have been open at least a year “Goal One” should not be getting new customers.

Does this sound crazy to you?  The first question is, Why are you not keeping existing customers?  A business will always suffer customer loss over time.  Customers move. Customers no longer need your product or service.  Customers die.

This basic attrition rate among your customers should be offset by the normal word-of-mouth that your satisfied customer do on a natural basis.

Should not your everyday goal be to make sure you have satisfied customers?  Yes, there are a few types of businesses that need a fresh supply of customers.  Some purchases are made just a few times during a lifetime.  Realtors and car salesmen have to continually need “fresh” customers.

Think of a doctor. If his customers (patients) are satisfied with his performance and services they will stay and use that doctor for years.   Should your business not make use of that model of business?

Yes, a doctor loses patients for the same business reasons. Customers move. Customers no longer need your product or service.  Customers insurance coverage changes. Patients age or contract terminal diseases and die.  But, word of mouth helps replace the loss over time.  Until recently doctors were not allowed to do any type of advertising.

What will be your goal tomorrow? Do you need new customers more than you need to keep your existing customers.  This is what you need to decide that will be your business goal.  Learn to keep the customers you have or spend even more time and money to get new ones.

When it comes to business printing let MI Printing help you meet your needs.  Just give us a call at 623.582.1302 and see what we can do for your business.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Our New Online Quote Form!

To make our process of getting printing information to our customers easier we have added a new online quote to our web sites.  You can see our new form by going to our web site and looking on either the front page or our contact page.  Just look for our > Online Quote Form < hyperlink.

If you want you can use this hyperlink to go right to our Online Quote Form.

The form is very simple.  We need your contact information and information about your job.  Things like the size and type of printing and the quantity of the run.

Just take a moment and answer the questions that apply to your job on the quote form.

We will try to answer your question(s) by the next business day.  We are open Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Mountain Standard Time. (Arizona doesn’t use Daylight Savings Time)

If we don’t get back to you promptly please give MI Printing a call at 623.582.1302.

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Friday, June 1, 2012

MI Printing: Special Custom Business Cards

At MI Printing we can take care of all of your business card needs far beyond just simple black on white.  They say you simply aren't in business without your business cards. Need to know more about all the uses for business cards?  Learn about the many options for your cards.  Please give us a call at 623-582-1302.

Please ask about money saving larger quantities.  For best results a PDF file is required for the customer supplied artwork.

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