Monday, December 16, 2013

Are Your Customers Happy?

Does that seem like a strange question?  We are talking about your customers’ life or marriage.  We are talking about how your customer feel about your business and how they are being treated during an interaction with your business.

As a first step you need to find out if your customers are happy. While a very robust business could make the assumption that their customers are happy with the interaction with your business.  But in some cases that may not be correct.

An exit survey questionnaire given to all customer can give you the feedback you need to give a quality snapshot of your customers’ feelings. You should never ask questions and then also ask for the customer to identify themselves.  A subject that is anonymous is more likely to give answers that are more honest and open.

If you tie a reward or prize that you think would increase the response rate would also skew the customer responses since they would also be identified.

Many times you will also find that a customer is more likely to complain than give praise. Americans are also more likely to complain in front of an audience with social the second most favorable complaints channel. Whereas UK consumers were shown to require higher levels of resourcefulness with the average complaint requiring four points of contact versus the three required by US consumers.

In most instances of consumer dissatisfaction, complaints are first taken to the place of purchase. Relatively few complaints are made directly to second or third parties such as Better Business Bureaus, consumer affairs departments, and small claims courts. However, persistent consumers will turn to these sources if satisfaction is not obtained from the retailer or manufacturer. Use of these sources also depends on the type of product/service, the nature of the problem, and the consumer's awareness of their existence and function.

Some surveys and studies found that of the five consumer protection agencies listed, a large percentage of respondents indicated awareness of the Better Business Bureau and the small claims court. Accurate knowledge of the functions of these two sources was positively related to education.

Your business is better served by fair and prompt interaction with customers than a brick wall approach. Nothing should get in the way of a customer needing (or feeling the need) to register either a complaint or a simple at-a-boy with your business and personnel.

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