Monday, December 30, 2013

Getting Your Employees To Care

When you run a small business or franchise finding and keeping good employees is one of your greatest challenges.  Probably next on your list is, or should be, getting those employees to care about doing their job in a responsible and caring manner.

Many of us find ourselves with a very busy day and using a fast food restaurant to get our lunch or dinner rather than taking time to cook.  Most times the food is at least OK. I can truly say, but, not always.

One evening during the Christmas rush I stop at one of the large national chains and ordered two hamburger.  When I got home rather than finding well prepared and tasty food what I got was inedible. One sandwich rather than having a toasted bun what I got was a badly burned bun and two well dried out patties.  The other sandwich was two patties that seem to be from at least the week before.

I asked myself why would anybody put these sandwiches out to a customer?  Why?  Did they just not care.  Were they taught by a manager that the most important thing was to keep waste down in order to maximize profit? 

What incentive do I have to return to that restaurant? When no one buys from your location – profit is fully lost.  The first and most important job of a restaurant is to deliver quality food.  If you do that and run the restaurant in a well managed fashion profits will automatically follow.

I don’t know that the manager cared or didn’t care.  But, I am sure at least one of his employees doesn’t care about the quality of the food they deliver.

How do you get your employees to care? Proper training and follow-up is the real secret.  By follow-up you need to quality check their output on a continuing and random basis. Proper training will also lead to fewer mistakes which truly leads to increased profits. Try these guidelines;

Make every job the most important job in your company.

Build in daily reminders of the company mission. Make sure that mission is customer centric.

Make sure staff feels an ownership obligation to help your business deliver on its mission

Teach employees that mistakes are part of learning and correcting them is the expected part not a cover up.

In any business keeping customers satisfied has to be “Job One”!  Getting a new customer is always more expensive than keeping existing ones.

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