Monday, December 2, 2013

Is Cyber Monday Affecting Your Business?

The first Monday after Thanksgiving is called Cyber Monday.  This means that many folks are online doing their Holiday shopping.  The idea is that merchants will have their best prices online rather than inviting shoppers to their brick and mortar stores with low prices there.

Google is reporting (via the NBC Today Show) that up to seventy-five percent of shoppers are using their smartphones and tablets to do at least part of their online research and shopping this year.

Many local service business are not directly affected by the Cyber Monday shopping but if they are online shopping they aren’t using or even thinking about your business.

Did you plan a coupon special to remind them to visit your restaurant and take advantage of your WiFi to do their shopping.  Did you have a coupon special to get a discount on an oil change (or whatever you offer as a product or service) that was good just for Cyber Monday? You could also feature a tear-off coupon sheet for a special every week this month.  You know it is still not too late to work in a special for at least the last three weeks or begin to plan for the New Year’s Eve specials.

The Christmas holiday sales bonanza is really special if you make it that way for your business.  Your specials and promotions need not be expensive.  You can take on the big box retailers with planning and service.  Use your market niche to nibble away at their sales.  Your Christmas shoppers won’t be buried or overrun by the crush they will find at the mall.

Even if you are located at the mall or large shopping center a small business will typically be less busy than your national competitors.

What special coupons or offers is your business placing in every bag, package or handing to every shopper you have? If you aren’t, why aren’t you?  Are your competitors out promoting your business?

This Christmas season you can be the leader in local promotions without ever being on air.  Tell your business story in a flyer or brochure. Hit the highlights and not try to tell everything at once.  What does your business do best?  What can a Christmas shopper get from your business and nowhere else?

Consider giving away custom note pads to your customers that remind them to shop your business.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you, your business, family and friends from MI Printing.

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