Thursday, December 5, 2013

Your Business Marketing Mayhem Story?

We have covered the many aspects of Marketing Mayhem and have shown examples of uses that have caught our attention. But, what is your businesses’ marketing mayhem story?

Are you doing marketing that would qualify as mayhem marketing and if not, why aren’t you?

In order to do marketing well you have to get the attention of your target audience and them you need to tell a good story.  We can all agree that those two basic principles are necessary for good communication of your advertising message.

In general mayhem marketing takes that concept one step further by adding a twist that helps captivate your audience to a greater degree and have something that makes your story or message even more memorable.

The holy grail of marketing is a message that sticks. As you plan your next marketing message what will you do to achieve that marketing mayhem goal, to have your message be very sticky.  People have tried to reach the viewer’s emotions many different ways, shock, humor, sadness, joy and childhood delights.  While that list only covers a few emotional messages advertisers have tried them all.  Results have varied and the skill at delivering your message is always what can make or break the results of an ad or advertising campaign.

There are many more unsuccessful ads that have tried to break all the rules than those that have achieved fame and fortune.  The reason that successful marketing mayhem commercials are so memorable is that there are very few of them that work really well.

To put your business on top you must stand out from the crowd.

Your businesses’ marketing mayhem story needs to show why your business (or service) can fill their need, solve their problem or make them the envy of their neighborhood. Sounds rather simple when it is put that way.  But, the devil is in the details. Doing that ad better than your competition is the real key to success.

Learn to tell a great story. Your advertisement needs to a have single clear goal. After your viewer sees your story what is it you want them to do? Pick up the phone and call? Visit your business? Find and buy your product?  For most local small businesses you want them to physically come to your business.

Once you have given the buyer the “Why To Buy” then you must make sure they know the real “Where To By”.  It does no good to accidentally allow them or send your customers to a competitor’s place of business.

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