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Made In The USA – Tamrac Camera Bags

Are you a working photographer or just a weekend enthusiast?  No matter, you still have hard earned money tied up in your equipment and may be looking for a storage or shooting solution for your cameras and gear.  Are you looking for the finest in camera bags?  Would you like a product with the worldwide reputation as the very best made? Well then Tamrac deserves a look and by-the-way the gear is made in the U.S.A. 

The concept behind Tamrac’s camera carrying systems was conceived in 1977. Tamrac’s founders were outdoor enthusiasts who loved nature photography. They, like many amateur and professional photographers, had a strong need for camera bags that were tough enough to offer excellent protection, yet were easy to carry and allowed fast access to camera equipment to capture spontaneous wildlife pictures.

Without a satisfactory product in the marketplace, the founders of Tamrac, in true California entrepreneurial spirit, began manufacturing their own camera bags. They designed these bags specifically for wilderness photography. California’s diverse geography provided an unparalleled backdrop for the first adventures of Tamrac into the wild. The name Tamrac was created to reflect the rugged outdoors. A pine found in the American wilderness was used as inspiration for the name.

Since 1977, Tamrac has built its reputation on legendary quality. The workmanship and quality are the combination of excellent sewing and product engineering that is reinforced with the finest materials, threads, and hardware. The purpose of a Tamrac camera bag is not only to carry and protect your equipment, but to hold them for convenient, quick access. Tamrac offers a diverse product line to meet all of your specific travel requirements and photographic objectives. Functional designs that people can understand and a strong sense of style make Tamrac’s products easy to use and a pleasure to own. Tamrac is committed to design innovations. Several of Tamrac’s inventions are patented within the United States. 

Among Tamrac’s innovations are the following: Total Coverage Tops, Pop-Off™ Film Pockets, ZipDrop™ Pockets, the Lens-Bridge® support system, the LensGate® Divider System, Tuck-A-Way™ Hip Belt, Rolling Systems, QuickClip™ Tripod Attachment System, Strobe Hatch™/Lens Hatch™, M.A.S.™ Modular Accessory System, Slide Pockets™, Giant Rain Flaps, Piggy-Back Pocket™ and Tamrac’s latest innovation — the TurboTop™ (patent pending). Information about these and other ‘Great Innovations from Tamrac’ can be found under ‘The Tamrac Difference’ menu button.

Comany:  Tamrac, Inc.

Location: 9240 Jordan Avenue Chatsworth CA 91311 • 818-407-9500


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