Thursday, February 13, 2014

MI Printing Has Your Marketing Mayhem Solutions

We all know that the objectives behind printed marketing material is to capture the attention of potential customers and then inform them of your unique business advantages.

If the design of your marketing materials are dated or uninspiring, they won’t do much for your business.  Also, if it looks like it was printed on a paper napkin, what impression will that leave with your potential buyer?  At MI Printing we can create professional, eye-catching designs for your business. We use the right state-of-the-art equipment and the best quality paper needed for your print job.

From design through print, Digital or Offset, we will work with your business, to help you reach your goals. Since 1978 the folks at, Phoenix Metro Area based MI Printing have focused on improving the bottom line for our clients through printed marketing materials.

Strategic marketing solutions are the art and science that you can use to connect your business with your target audience and customer base, both real and potential. You can learn to apply this marketing mayhem through effective and varied and different forms of media communication.  Working in partnership with our customers we help them determine a strategy that suits their business requirements and implement it with innovation, energy and a clear emphasis on your target audience.

Mayhem Marketing combines a strategic process with creative resources which accompanied by careful planning allows companies to develop their corporate collateral, merchandise programs, marketing strategy and tactical options effectively. Your marketing goal should be to capture and then enhance the energy and essence of your brand as it directly relates to your real target audience. In short learn to tell a good (or even great) story. Remember your business is only as good as your own best boast.

Mayhem Marketing’s first goal is to achieve the holy grail of marketing… “First, You Must Get Their Attention.” The old time circuses knew that if you walk an elephant down main-street with an advertising sign draped over its back you would get people to talk about your up coming show.

While it might not be practical for your business to hire an elephant to get your message across what can you do to achieve the same effect. You need to get your message out you must put your marketing message in front of as many people as possible and make sure your message is very memorable and do that task as often as you possible can.

The last time you had business cards printed how many did you have printed? The bigger and more important question is how long ago was that and how many of those little advertisements do you have left? Why aren’t you handing out more business cards every day? You must take your business elephant for a walk every day!

Give MI Printing a try to work on your very next business printing project.  Give us a call at 623.582.1302 and let’s talk. Local printing has many advantages, find out what they are! Our response to tight deadlines are just the beginning.

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