Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Do Random Acts Of Business Kindness Work?

No matter what, marketing needs to be effective or it isn’t worth repeating. What is “kindness” and does it work beyond making you feel better about yourself.  Or, does doing an act of kindness with the expectation of a return for yourself ruin the very affect you are trying for? 

Kindness What if we compensated people for not only getting the job done, but by the level of which their kindness in the conduct fostered the outcome? What if kindness was not just part of a mission statement, but core of how business your business conducted?  

Win-Win The best business deals tend to be the ones where the party that is paying feels like it received full value from the purchase, and the party receiving the funds feels like it was fairly compensated for the product or service delivered. It's unfortunate when deals leave one party feeling like they either got screwed over or were taken advantage of. If you think there aren't millions of instances where the gap is far and deep between two parties on this notion of "win-win" you haven't spent any time in the office of a law firm that specializes in corporate litigation. 

Acceptance Sometimes it doesn't work out. It could be a big business deal or the engagement of an employee. It's easy to point the swords in or to point the fingers at someone else, it would be far better for both parties to simply accept the fact that it's not working (agree to disagree) and make it much easier on one another.  

Candid Conversations Imagine having kindness as the baseline, striving for a win-win and accepting that something simply didn't work out. Sadly, we live in a litigious society that encourages laying blame. Wouldn't it be more practical (and mutually beneficial) to have a candid conversation. Not one that points fingers or attempts to lay blame as if we're all trying to tip a scale in a preferable direction, but in one that simply enables both parties to find the time and space to have both a period of mourning and then recovery? Candid conversations are all-too-often discouraged because of the fear of litigation. It's too bad. 

Helping Others Whether it's putting the dishes away from a colleague who left their mug in the communal kitchen sink to staying late and helping out somebody on a project that has no bearing on your performance. We see many glimpses of this in our day to day lives. But, do we see those actions often enough?  

What if helping (one another, ourselves, our business, our community) was as common as holding the door open for somebody or saying, "bless you" when they sneeze? Practice Random Acts Of Kindness Daily! 

Inspired from a blog by Twist Image President, Mitch Joel, Brings You Digital Marketing And Media Hacking Insights And Provocations From His Always On / Always Connected World.   


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