Monday, September 9, 2013

Use Rolling Billboards To Promote Your Business

One of the most recognizable "traveling" advertisements has been on the road for almost sixty-five years. The Oscar Meyer Weinermobile first took to the streets of Chicago in 1936. Today, there are six high-tech Weinermobiles hot-dogging it around the country.  They currently have a Twitter promotion to “vote” for your favorite Weinermobile.

A custom vehicle is very expensive as a promotion for the typical business.  But if you drive back and forth to your business you can use a vehicle with a custom wrap to promote your business. You can wrap even just a section to get your message across and keep the cost down at the same time.

You can even use simple magnetic door signs to get your message out.  If you have a catchy web URL you can use just that to create interest in your service or products.

Don’t forget that you can offer bumper stickers to your customers as a rolling promotion on many vehicles.  In some cases your business could offer a discount on some purchases if they have a bumper sticker on their car.

There are companies that offer to print a rolling billboard on the side of trucks that also do deliveries or services and travel throughout the community.  They latest rend in this service is to use large video screens to get a special message across to the potential buyer or entertainment customer.  These are best when they can be stationary while they play your message.

Some people offer to tow small rolling billboards behind a car or pickup truck. These can be used during rush hour(s) to help remind large numbers of potential customers of your business.

A new and smaller trend is small billboards that are towed by bicycles in city center areas during times that the streets and common areas have excellent foot traffic. The advantage here, is the ease with which the bicycle can maneuver through traffic or move through areas that motor vehicles are not allowed. In addition bicycles move slower than vehicles so the ads can be read a bit easier.

While it may not be a truly “rolling” billboard don’t forget that the use a people powered sandwich boards are a good way to remind a passersby of your business.

They are services which offer to find folks who will let you wrap their private vehicles with your advertising message.  They are chosen by how they drive their cars each and how many people will be exposed to your message.  They will be both a wrap fee and a monthly expose charge.

In many areas you can arrange for ads on local transit buses and taxi cabs.  The ads can be posters on the inside as well as billboards on the exterior.

You can work with MI Printing to design your business printing needs.  We look forward to helping with your business growth.  Give us a call at 623.582.1302 and let’s talk.

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