Monday, September 23, 2013

Is Your Advertising Effective?

Every business wants to be better today than they were yesterday.  Your business is same, isn’t it? You want more customers, you want more sales and you want to be more profitable.  Most business try to achieve this with a combination of promotion, marketing and advertising.

But, how effective is your advertising.  Is the bottom line the only way to measure the effectiveness of your advertising. It may be the easiest metric to follow. You know the cost of the advertising and you can track the resulting income.

When you hold a sale that is based on getting a customer via a lowered price, the end result may be more customer traffic and more sales but a true reduction in the net profit.  So, should that be considered “effective advertising”?

Many people feel that a temporary dip in net profits is acceptable, if the end result is an increase in overall customer traffic that results from an advertisement bringing in new customers.  But, if your advertising is, in effect, training your customers to wait for you to run a sale price is that an effective advertisement?

The overall results from an advertisement aren't necessarily just sales. How many sales a given campaign generates? Is your sales team happy with the quality of leads that the advertising generates?  The end results could also be signups for your newsletter, sales appointments, requests for brochures or positive feedback from customers.

Before you move deeper into ad creation, always make sure you set goals for the individual campaigns first, so that you can measure the effect of any activity and see how it worked. In future, you will then be able to make a qualified decision whether to repeat it or not.

Now that we agree that advertising, promotion and marketing does have an effect and is necessary for a business to survive and prosper, how do you avoid those ads that don’t truly add to your business bottom line.

So how can you make sure that when customers get to any of your marketing materials, they will find what they are looking for?

• Speak the language of your customers – age, location, ethnicity and demographics
• Impress them with a message they can relate to
• Always have a clear “Call to Action” – tell the buyer what to do next – clearly!
• Use testimonials from real customers wherever you can

You can start by contacting MI Printing for help with you next business flyer or brochure.  You can work with MI Printing to design your business printing needs.  We look forward to helping with your business growth. Just give us a call at 623.582.1302.

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