Thursday, September 5, 2013

How Big Is Your Fan Base?

First, I guess we should define what we mean by a “fan base.” The dictionary says; Part of Speech: noun, Definition: the regular supporters and enthusiasts of a team, musician or musical group, entertainer, or other celebrity.  We all know that with celebrities it is a badge of honor and bragging rights to see who has the most Facebook likes or Twitter followers.

Drivers for NASCAR teams have large fan bases who’s numbers have a direct relationship to the amount that a driver can charge for advertising space on their cars.

Does it not follow that all businesses have a fan base?  The bigger than fan base the more customers that will patronize that given business in any one period of time.

What are you doing to enlarge the fan base of your business?  If you have a great product(s) and customer service that is world class it should follow that your customers themselves should be enlarging your fan base.  We would hope your business is doing what it needs to do to have happy, satisfied customers.  Word of mouth advertising should be creating a very positive buzz about your products and services.

But you can also use social media to help promote your business and enlarge your business fan base.  

Major corporations and the entertainment industry has begun to use creative ways to promote their brands and products by feeding information and specials to their fan bases in various types of social media.  

The ice cream treat Drumsticks was giving away limited amounts of product on their Facebook Fan Page.  Movie releases have used social media to arrange for Meet-Ups and special previews for fans as a way to create positive buzz about their up-coming movies. 7-Eleven stores gave out free Slurpees for its 85th birthday. Chick-fil-A offered free meals to guests who come dressed as cows on Fridays. That same day, Starbucks handed out its new Refreshers energy drink made from green coffee extract and fruit juice. And on Saturdays, Dippin' Dots stores gave out samples of new Dippin' Dot Clusterz. You might want to check these stores fan pages to see what they are up to now.

Behind all of these promos: social media. Marketers are convinced that it's the most effective way to get word out on promotions — particularly for free stuff.

It is not uncommon for local sports teams to tie performance based results to local store give a ways.  Here in the Phoenix metro area one deal ways from Papa Johns; when the DBacks win the following day you get 50% off on online orders with a special coupon code.

Using social media to expand fan bases is being used by the major retail players, have you applied it to your business yet?

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