Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Can You Give Every Customer A Bonus Item?

During this time of holiday gift giving would it not be nice to give every customer a gift or bonus as a thank you for their business? Some of your competitors do just that.

It may be something as simple as holiday greeting card.  Yes, just that simple.  Some business give out a yearly calendar.  Other business provide every customer with a gift certificate in an amount based on their spending during the year.  These gifts are a good way of reminding a customer that you appreciate their business.  These gifts help keep you top-of-mind during the coming year.

I have a to-do-list hanging on my refrigerator that was a gift last year, from a real estate agent, and it gets used a least once a week and I, at least subconsciously, am reminded of that business every time I use that simple pad of paper.  More than that, if I leave my list behind somewhere there is at least one more possible impression of that business to a new and potential customer.

I know a restaurant that gives out holiday coupons to every customer.  The coupon thanks the loyal customer and invites them back (next year) to use the coupon on a future purchase.  You could use variations of this idea in many ways.  You could go so far as to make up a coupon book for the next year and have a different special every month.  Coupon books are far cheaper than newspaper ads and more effective to promote a return visit.  Yes, it is only aimed at existing customers.

You can also give out special coupons to customer that they give to friends, inviting their friends to try out a two for one offer for a favorite meal of the existing customer.  Think of this as a very personalized version of word-of-mouth or social media posts.  Nothing is better than a recommendation that has a special promo to go with it.

If you choose to give your better customers a business novelty gift, make sure it of good quality. I got a flashlight designed for my keyring the other day and while it looked very nice, it fell apart inside my purse the very next day.  That experience didn’t make me feel very happy about the gift giver’s choice or leave me with a great feeling about their quality.

I related the story to a fellow businessman and he promptly gave me a flash light that he gives out to his customers.  Very well made (all metal) and brighter (3 LEDs).  You can guess who’s advertising I am carrying around and using now.  Which business do you think I remember fondly?

Holiday Wisdom; The moment you stop believing in Santa Claus is the moment you start getting clothes for Christmas!

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