Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Counting Down Christmas Sales

We are now seven shopping days to Christmas counting today and Christmas Eve.  Many shoppers are still buying Christmas gifts and some out there haven’t even started their Christmas shopping. You know who you are.

These last minute shoppers tend to be men rather than women, but not always.  To capture their attention in these final shopping days you may want to use some in your face displays and what appears to be ready to give gifts.  Make it easy and simple for them to choose these last minute items.

If possible, you can sell pre-wrapped gifts to make it even easier to both buy and give the item.  The idea of making gift giving easy is why the sock, fruit or umbrella of the month clubs exist.  Remember now is the season when the bigger sign really means a better buy.

As the last minute panic sets in, easy trumps price as the primary reason for the selection.  If size can be eliminated so much the better and one-size-fits-all dances in the eyes of the buyer.  Signs saying  1 for $5.00 or 3 for $20 begin to make sense to those with more money than time.

If you think now is a state of panic wait until this weekend when the shopping days are fewer than fingers on one hand.  People begin to hope for credit card limits to be increased at the last minute to make buying even easier and more guilt free.

Panic phone calls begin going out to Figis and Hickory Farms for chocolates, summer sausages and cheese dips of all flavors with a chaser of FedEx overnight to complete their order.

Last minute orders to HSN and QVC because you really can shop at 3AM. Gift cards and cash in envelops round out the panic.  Displays in stores begin to look herds of reindeers have been shopping.

Smile, we have just 365 days before we do this week all over again.

Ways to Confuse Santa: Leave Santa a copy of your Christmas list with last minute changes and corrections.

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