Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Day After Christmas Is Here!

It doesn’t seem fair you get just a day (Christmas Day in fact) to recover from the holiday rush and here you are dealing with after holiday crush.  And for some business this after holiday crush may be the best part or at least the most profitable part of their year.  I have talked with some business owners who claim that single days during the Christmas season can equal a whole months of sales dollars during slower parts of the year.

Of course you are also competing with the big box stores for the sales dollars they are attracting with super low sales prices on merchandise that didn’t move as well as hoped for during the Christmas sales drives.

So how do you compete with Flat Screen TVs for prices that are the best around?  First, do the big box stores really have more than a few of the super low priced units in stock?

Male sure you are “in stock” during your promotions.  Nothing seems to make a customer madder than to find a pushy salesperson trying to convince them to buy what is in stock, rather than the advertised specials.  It is even worse to find that the two they had at that price sold minutes after the doors opened on December 26th.

You can have flyers going round in your business location that feature your best items to your potential customers.  If possible make sure that if you are out-of-stock you can either fill orders quickly or have a good alternative product with the same or similar specifications as a substitute purchase.

You sales staff can always make sure to check the stock on hand when a customer questions availability rather than a quick response of “We sold those out hours ago”.  It can make a customer a bit more satisfied if they think they just missed the last one rather than be told they are hours late.

If they can hear “We have an even better one for just a few dollars more”.  That message from a sales person (and make sure it is accurate) can even help to save the situation.  Make sure that the message is not that the item out of stock was inferior but that the substitute is even better.

If you really don’t have what the customer wants or needs you can always fall back on the Macy’s idea of sending a customer to your competition this one time and you have a grateful customer still who remembers you first for your truth and honesty.  What more could you ask?

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