Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Sales With Profits In Mind

Arrange Your Merchandise So It’s Easily Shopable:  People like to buy from stores that are easy to shop, so have your products arranged appropriately, grouping items as necessary. Signage should be clear, what’s on sale, what’s not, and what the price is. 

Have Enough Product On Hand:  You’ll want to have three to four times as much product as you expect in sales for the season. Keep your backstock handy and the displays fully stocked. Create the desire to buy with an abundance of product choices so customers can each find something to buy. 

Demonstrate, Demonstrate, Demonstrate: Most products can be demonstrated and demos do increase sales if they’re done right. Train your employees on how to run a proper demonstration. Don’t leave it up to the employee to develop a strong demo pitch. 

Focus On Upselling And Add-on Sales:  Determine which products can be paired up for sale together, to increase the value of any given sale and which products have more expensive or upgraded models that salespeople can suggest customers consider.

Use Pay Incentives To Motivate: Make sure your salespeople can earn a commission or SPIFFS (Special Pay Incentives For Fast Sales) to encourage higher sales. Set specific sales goals.

Make Your Store A “Happy Place” To Encourage Sales:  First, set the tone for your business by staying positive and focused throughout the season. Second, give your salespeople proper care and feeding. When your guests approach your store, your salespeople need to be relatively content, meaning they’ve had their breaks when appropriate and are pleased to see your customers.

Hire Enthusiastic Salespeople Who Have A Passion For Your Products:  Talk to the people already in love with your product: your best customers. Their passion for your product will show in your sales. Your best customers just might be interested in receiving an employee discount, earning some extra money during the holiday season and spreading the good news about your merchandise.

Collect All The Customer Data You Can:  Capture each customer’s name, mailing address, phone number and email address. On a regular basis email your customer base to offer incentives and specials to entice them to come back and purchase again. Start an email newsletter for your customers. Include up-to-date information about your products, announcements of new lines and special promotions or discounts.

Make Product Knowledge A Priority:  Make sure your salespeople know your products’ features and benefits inside out. Teach them strategies for being assertive but not aggressive in their sales approach. Review how different types of customers view your products and what features and benefits appeal most to each group.

Holiday Wisdom: Holiday party strategy. Paint your nose red and wear antlers. Complain that you never get to join in on any reindeer games.

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