Thursday, December 20, 2012

Can You Hear The Refunds Coming?

Have you paid too much attention to decorating your retail stores with all the bells and whistles for Christmas Sales but forgotten about your after Christmas run on what ever is left over, on sale or being closed-out. Chances are you’re not alone.

While the day (or week) after Christmas is famous for refunds and exchanges it is also a great time for sales.  I know a person who owns a string of restaurants that likes to say the best thing about restaurants is that they don’t have to give after Christmas refunds.

Yes, people are going to return items because they don’t like the color, they don’t fit or in some cases they don’t work.  Sometimes they even return things for other strange or bizarre reasons.  A pet store reports that a puppy was returned because the girlfriend was allergic to “Cats.”

Can you turn a return into an exchange?  Rather than have your money leave through the front door make sure that every refund is done with an eye to capturing that customer with a brands new sale.  If people are waiting in line have an employee hand out sales and special flyers to those waiting in the refund line.

You can even offer a special dollar incentives as part of the refund process if they will spend in the store today or will accept an in store gift card as the refund currency.  You don’t want to make it sound mandatory but as an incentive to spend more in your store.  If possible make it sound like their idea by having signs suggest the better percentage of using the in store credit or card.

Of course it can also be helpful to make sure a retuned product is actually a fault rather than a customer use error.  Yes, this takes more time and requires more staff but can lead to much higher customer satisfaction.  Not to mention they get to keep and use the gift.

So save your refund stories and ideas for turning refunds into new sales.  We will be glad to publish your stories and experiences in up coming blogs with full credit for you and your business establishment.   No real prizes, but may a whole lot of fun reading.

Ways to Confuse Santa: Leave a note and explain that you have moved and include a map.

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