Thursday, December 27, 2012

Notes on the Fridge

I saw an ad by the United States Post Office the other day and it extolled the virtues of using paper as a storage medium. Invoices that lead the way to paid bills stored in a drawer rather than lost or hacked in cyberspace.

It got me thinking about those notes I have stuck to my fridge.  Some are just that, notes.  But many others are really ads; From my real estate agent, a place to write notes.  From my insurance man with reminders of what to do in an emergency.  From my dentist about my next appointment.  From the car dealer about my next service.

Wow, all these printed communications that are part ad and part friendly reminders or helpful hints.  Guess what, I do keep them, and use them and post them on my fridge.

You could consider giving customers a note pad that has coupons interspersed through-out the pad with different offers to entice customers to come in on days that are typically slow ones.  That way you stay top of mind and get increased traffic on days that you need it.

You could even partner with nearby business and place coupons for each other on notepads given out a the different locations.  That way, say four businesses could share in new traffic and have a reduced cost promotion for the new year.

You can use dollar shaped coupons and even leave the amount areas blank and fill them in when they are sold or given to your customers.  You can validate those coupons with employee initials or a uniquely shaped paper punch in one of the areas meant for the dollar amount.

Ok, the smell of printers ink in the morning.  Kind of reminds me of that old saying “Printer’s Ink in Your Veins” or now “Pixels in my Pocket!” and they all lead to “Notes on the Fridge” Ads with a place to call home…

Be creative, make your next printed ad have a home on the Fridge.

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