Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Does Price Really Rule Buying?

Yes, some people buy based on “Price” as the only consideration.  Some stores seem to sell based only on price and go out of their way to make sure they can offer their items at the lowest possible price.  

But what about quality and value when it comes to meeting the customer needs.  Not all customers need the same quality.   If we look at the need to dig a hole and limit the tool to a simple shovel.  If you only dig a hole once in a great while a very simple and basic shovel will do the job and might be best served by a low cost product.  Even a casual user deserves a product that will do the job.  

If the handle of the shovel breaks the first time it is used the low price doesn’t matter because the “tool” can’t do its job.  A professional hole digger needs not only a product that will do the job but stand up to use that is daily and on going.  How sharp the cutting edge is and how long the sharpness lasts becomes a factor. So in the case of a simple shovel the quality becomes a factor that goes well beyond a low or lowest price.

If we apply the “lowest price” factor to where we eat we can then factor in freshness, quality, taste and safety.  Do you want to eat at a restaurant that cuts every corner possible to achieve the lowest possible price?  

The price doesn’t matter at all if the store doesn’t have the product you need in stock when you need that product.

So we need to ask ourselves, what is it we want in a major construction or repair project. Is it a job done correctly, with attention paid to details for a leak and problem free roof, or do we just want a construction job done at the lowest possible price? I know, We want both, but these two desires cannot be met, for the reasons explained above.

A job done at the lowest price is the lowest for a very good reason. It is missing all the ingredients and input necessary to provide a quality job or project. These are costs to the vendor, and add to the price of a job. In other words, it is missing well paid highly skilled labor, a quality control system and an inspection service that makes sure the job is done right the first time.

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