Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Marketing Consolidation will Continue In 2013

While we can’t say for sure what 2013 will bring, recent business acquisitions and mergers have confirmed that more awareness will be placed on marketers’ methods changing and improving during 2013. With a greater focus to keep up with the real-time behaviors of consumers, we anticipate marketing will continue to evolve. 

Never lose sight of the basic fact that to reach consumers you need to “tell a better story” to your prospective consumers.  Keep in mind your story needs to be more than just hype.  Your consumers will only return if your marketing not only rings of the truth, but is the truth.

If you “under promise and over deliver” you will both keep old customers and continue to bring in new ones.

While the importance of online, social marketing and combinations of email and direct contact can be very helpful, you want to make sure that all brick and mortar business use online and at location marketing methods.  The use of special “Thank Yous” and “Coupons” can spark the return of existing customers and leverage new customer visits.

Making sure that your customers feel appreciated is the most basic of customer relations.  While not having needed items in stock is the number one listed customer “pet peeve” feeling appreciate is still in the top five reasons to return (or not) to any given business.

As we have said many times, learn to treat all of your customers “the way you expect” to be treated during all transactions.

Make sure your marketing message and your brand image are truly representative and in-sync with each other.  These need to “understand” your ideal customer as well.  The product  must be a match to your customer and your brand’s message.  Don’t promise “Rich Corinthian Leather” only to be delivering Naugahyde.

Nor should you use the price of “Rich Corinthian Leather” and then deliver Naugahyde.  Customers do know or will discover that difference.  Never give a customer a reason to paint you that way online or by word of mouth.

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