Monday, January 21, 2013

Made In The USA Titan Motorcycle Co

Titan Motorcycle Co is a premier motorcycle manufacturer based in the North American market(s).

The company has facilities in several areas of North America (USA & Canada) & maintains a healthy distribution network of superb independent dealerships across the globe.

Titan is a “build-flow” manufacturing firm. Titan builds bikes custom tailored to specific market demands but based on standard model platforms similar to the fundamental structure used with most auto manufacturing firms. Titan's primary products are; premier hand built motorcycles, clothing, parts relating to the motorcycle industry, accessories and business development services.

Titan as a brand considers its “home market” to be USA, Canada, Mexico and other North American regions, but maintains a recognizable brand recognition pattern with the motorcycle industry across the globe.

Titan Motorcycle Co makes it a business practice to maintain a diverse management team, with much of the business development programs in North America & abroad being outsourced to only the best business brokers working with the management team. The management team stays focused on keeping a vivid input on regional aesthetic trends in the motorcycle industry, general engineering trends in the motorcycle industry, innovative technologies as is relevant to the motorcycle industry and puts large focus into supporting its dealers properly on an on going basis.

The company is family owned, with management spread across North America. The company maintains good relationships with all its vendors, affiliated charities and grass roots event organizers.

Location:  Titan Manufacturing Facility Phoenix, Arizona
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