Thursday, January 31, 2013

Valentine's Day Marketing

Most Business and Marketers love Valentine's Day, the day of love, because it’s an opportunity to drive sales and engage customers.

Every day in the first two weeks of February put blog articles, Facebook posts and Tweets out into the social media universe that conveys some measure of your affection for customers, a customer service promise or another customer care oriented message. And create a special Valentine’s Day email to send to your contacts on February 14th. That’s 14 ways to say “I love you” to your customers!

You do appreciate your customers and clients, don’t you?

Every day from February 1st to the 14th, hold a contest or drawing to give away an inexpensive but desirable product, service, add on or even a branded coffee, water or travel mug, t-shirt or another branded doohickey. Put together a grand prize for the February 14th drawing such as a gift basket, collection with one of each of the items given away previously, larger ticket item, etc.

Obviously, everyone doesn’t have a significant other. The singles among your client base may well be sick of all the talk of love and romance. Cater to them by way of a romance-free shopping event or go the other direction and hold singles shopping hour mixers. Include a few love-cynical quotes on Facebook and Twitter. Or celebrate with special offers on February 15th, which is “Call it a Singles Day.”

Send Valentines to people who need and deserve them.  Collect or create Valentines to be given to soldiers, seniors, cancer patients or another deserving group. Ask customers to bring signed Valentines or hold a DIY Valentine craft workshop for kids (of all ages). Feature the project in a press release and in stories on your website, social media, email newsletter and blog.

Live out the spirit of Valentine’s Day.  Donate a portion of proceeds or proceeds from the sales of specific products or services to a local deserving charity, or hold an a-thon type of event with proceeds and solicited donations going to charity. And don’t forget to tell people about the good works that you do for charity or in your community in communications via your website, blog, in email newsletters and on social media.

You can also give out great Two-For-One coupon specials for your Valentine sales.

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