Tuesday, February 26, 2013

10 Free Ways To Market Your Small Business

Are you looking for ways to market your small business with a limited budget?  Here are ten free ways to do just that.

1. Do a press release and submit it to your local media outlets.

2. Talk to your professional and personal vendors--printers, mechanics and hair stylists for example--and ask if they have a need for your services. Leave business cards with them as well, and if they have bulletin boards for local businesses to post cards on, ask if you can add yours there as well.

3. Ask existing customers to provide you with referrals to their friends, family and business associates. Word of mouth advertising is a powerful way to get free advertising for your small business, because an existing level of trust exists between your customer and the person they're referring, so that referral is more likely to use your services.

4. Find local small business clubs and groups that get together on a regular basis, and attend those gatherings. Many towns and cities have small business breakfasts once each month for example, and local Chamber of Commerce meetings. Attend those meetings and introduce yourself to everyone.

5. Providing exemplary customer service and quality products can encourage customers to spread the word about your business to their family, friends and colleagues. Through face-to-face conversations and online through social networks, word-of-mouth marketing is a free way for your business to get exposure.

6. Ask for Testimonials. Your current clients value the products and services you provide, so ask them to provide you with testimonials about their experiences working with your company. Use these testimonials on your businesses website, brochures and in introductory emails you send to prospective clients.

7. Offer to be a guest speaker.  Whether you’re a tax professional, personal organizer or marketing guru, you have valuable knowledge to share. Volunteer to be a guest speaker at business conferences, community events, during networking events and at charity events.

8. Reach out to business owners who offer complementary products and services and who serve a similar target market. Suggest doing a cross-promotion.

9. Do publicity stunt related to your business or service.

10. Become a local columnist or advice radio show. Newspapers and local radio stations favor local exclusive content, and your local paper may offer you an opportunity to become a regular weekly or monthly columnist. You can focus your column on reader questions about your industry.

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