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Made In The USA – HURST Jaws Of Life

Hurst® Jaws of Life rescue systems have been instrumental in saving thousands of lives throughout their 30 year history. From race track beginnings in 1972 to the rescue heroes of today, Jaws of Life systems travel with more than 35,000 rescue squads, fire and police departments throughout the world.

Originally manufactured by Hurst Performance Inc, in Warminster, PA, the tool was developed for use in the race car industry. Hurst Performance also manufactured the famous Hurst Shifter which was used extensively in race cars. The original tool was a two-part system consisting of a 32-inch hydraulic spreader powered by a two cycle gasoline power unit. When activated, the scissor-like spreaders opened and forced crushed metal away from trapped victims. Because the tool reduced the time to extricate a victim from a car crash, literally snatching them from the “jaws of death”, the tool earned the name Jaws of Life. Today, Jaws of Life is a registered trademark of Hale Products Inc.

During the past 30 years the Jaws of Life product line has grown significantly. New spreaders, cutters, rams, and very lightweight tools have been added to the world-renowned line. In 2005, Vetter pneumatic products was acquired to add high and low pressure airbags and many hazmat products. In 2006 Airshore International was acquired and brings to the Jaws of Life family of products quality shoring products. Continuous development of the product line continues in both the pneumatic and hydraulic areas as the Company strives to provide the finest, most reliable rescue products to its customers. 

EDraulic Tools
Rescue equipment used to be hand-powered. Tools used to require power units and cumbersome hoses. Not Anymore. EDraulic technology from Hurst Jaws of Life offers you the freedom of cordless operation with the same unmatched power you always count on from Hurst.

Hurst 5,000 PSI
Throughout the world, the name Hurst Jaws of Life has become synonymous with saving lives. For well over three decades, this name clearly has set the standard for power, dependability and life-saving performance. As the pioneer of the world’s first rescue tool, the company decided to appropriately label these products Hurst "Jaws of Life" because they snatch victims from the jaws of death. 

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