Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What Makes A Great Advertisement?

 So you are about to make the next advertisement for your business.  Can I ask you to stop for a moment and think about what is formula for a great advertisement.

You are about to spend money on production and then media buys and you expect results, right?  Perhaps you have even hired an agency for creative direction.  Perhaps you have even hired an award winning agency.  But in the end, will your ad have the “Right Stuff”?

Step one to a great ad is an equally great story.  What is your message?  What do you want the ad to do? Do you want your ad to promote a product or to promote a good story about your business, product or service?

Many ads today spend countless dollars on special effects and flashy gimmicks to be the “hook” to grab the attention of the viewer or listener.  Do you want the ad to be remembered? Sure you do! Or perhaps you want your message to be what is remembered.  Many people say an emotional ad is an ad that will be remembered.

Can we give you a very simple ad that was also simple to produce that we feel will be remembered and effective in delivering an important message.  Here is the link

Every element of an ad campaign is different. One client may want a campaign that includes a brochure, television commercials and a direct mail package. Another client may only want a Web site and podcast ads. Know the various advertising mediums before you begin your ad planning. If you're a seasoned pro, you know you have to adapt to the client's needs and be ready to take on any challenge. These ideas and plans give you a head start no matter what your advertising experience is.

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