Thursday, February 7, 2013

Do You Need Marketing Mayhem?

I know you can think of many examples of “Marketing Mayhem” that are being use now by many big time advertisers.  But should you apply that thought process to your local business?

You want to make sure that your advertising dollars bring the very best Return On Investment (ROI) so that you get the results you want in a very cost effective manner.

The message for a local company can be very different from that of a large national or multi-national one.  All companies want one thing from their advertising, that is economical results.  For a local restaurant who might have an average sale of less than $25 doesn’t want to spend $50 per customer to bring them in.  The only exception would be a business that can demonstrate that they tend to retain at least 50% of new customer as part of their long term business. 

A satisfied customer should always be your number one goal in business.  It doesn’t matter if you tend to sell a product or service that is a single use or products that are used many times, a satisfied customer is your very best sales person.

A satisfied customer will others about your business.  Keep in mind, however, that an unsatisfied customer will tell even more (some surveys show that the ratio is as high as 7 to 1) potential customers not to use your business.

Many times you will find that “nice” marketing is always best type, and that is very possibly a correct assessment.  But, being nice in your everyday business dealings is even more important.   Being nice applies equally to both your staff and your customers.  Think that leading by example is even better than relying on “rules” being followed when dealing with customers.  If that doesn’t work you may want to consider different employees.

Rule Number One: Always Be Nice

If you are not friendly, open, and honest, then people will find out. It may not happen this week, or this year, but one day it will bite you in the behind. It's obviously easier to just be an honest person and extend that into your business or service. Why try to lie, or have your business pretend to be something its not? It just complicates your business and life.

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