Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Tale Of Two TV Ads

Every advertisement should have two goals, a primary and a secondary one.  In some cases just running your advertisement should also support your businesses name recognition.

A primary goal might be to sell a specific item or service and the secondary goal is to capture a new customer so that the sale or promotion will cause that new customer to return for future visits.

What follows is the experience of a specific customer to two different TV ads to two different businesses. Always remember “Your experience may vary.”

Experience #1.  Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen ran a TV advertisement for a product they called Cajun Surf & Turf.  This $4.99 meal comes with shrimp, chicken tenders, fries and two types of dipping sauce.  “We decided to try this new meal and it was our initial visit to Popeyes.  The first thing that stood out was how chaotic the order process and kitchen staff seemed to be.  The counter person apologized that he didn’t know why, but our receipt was being printed in “British”.  Our meal was ready quickly and the sauce was two of the same, shrimp sauce.  The deep fried shrimp was overcooked and not worth eating.  We had to ask for the Ranch sauce to dip the chicken tenders.  The chicken tenders were passable.  The Cajun fries were a good product.  NO further questions from or interaction with the staff. Overall it didn’t make us want to come back for a second visit.”

Experience #2.  Quiznos is also running a TV advertisement for a product  they call Lobster & Seafood Sub Sandwich.  The eight inch sub is $8.99 and has lobster and seafood filling with a choice of many different toppings. “Based on the TV ad we decided to try this limited time sandwich.  We choose to share the 8 inch sub so the cost of the meal was just under what we spent at Popeyes. We were warmly greeted by the two staff members.  Questions were asked and suggestion were made as we ordered.  Some gentle up selling was part of the checkout process.  We filled our drinks and sat at a nearby table.  Our sandwich was brought out in two separate trays.  We were asked if anything else was needed.  The end product was delicious.  We were asked if everything was okay soon after we started eating.  As we were finishing our meal, one of the staff came to our table and enquired about our meal and thanked us for coming into the store.  What a quality experience.  Yes, we intend to return to this Quiznos location.”

Well there it is, two chances to have a sale and capture future visits.  How is your business doing with this very same process?  Are you winning or losing the battle for future return visits to your store?

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