Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Time Marketing For Small Businesses

With the official start of Spring just a few days away you should be thinking about and planning your Spring marketing promotions.

Warm Weather Specials
What can your business do while everyone is excited about the rising temperatures and wanting to get out of the house.  What out-door activities can you promote or support to bring in both new and old customers.

Spring Holidays
Although not as big as Winter seasonal holiday marketing, running some fun promotions for Spring holidays is also an option. Many restaurants recently offered traditional Irish food for St. Patrick’s Day, drink specials and other retailers played up the green and “lucky” associations. Don’t forget Passover approaching if you offer kosher foods! And Easter and Mother’s Day can be popular days for brunch, as well as flowers, jewelry and small gifts.

Sports & March Madness
Baseball season hasn’t officially started, but it is heavily anticipated with Spring Training games, here in the Phoenix Metro area, happening every day that would bring fans into your bar or restaurant who are already looking to predict the season’s big match-ups and standings. If you have a lot of hockey fans amoungst your loyal customers, you may want to start planning now for the Stanley Cup Playoffs that begin in April! And don’t forget about NCAA games! In fact, “March Madness” is a fun and popular phrase to tie into marketing, even if your business isn’t a bar that shows the games!

Spring Cleaning + Fresh New Inventory
Spring is a time to show off new product lines, and also for clothes retailers to remind customers that it’s time for cleaning out the closets and making room or products to get organized.  Do you offer services that are spring cleaning related?

So as the weather warms up make sure your business is ready to warm up with it.  Call MI Printing at 623.582.1302 and see how we can help you communicate with your warm market.

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