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Made In The USA – The Stoneybrook Clock Company

The Stoneybrook Clock Company was founded in the late 1960's by Grant Bucane. Production began in a basement workshop in a home in North Prairie, Wisconsin. The little family business quickly outgrew its family location and moved into a small industrial park in Dousman, Wisconsin, where it produced clocks until the early 1980's. Owing to a tragedy in the family, the business ceded its operation. Each clock is handcrafted with pride in the USA.

The Stoneybrook Company owed its success to a passion for quality coupled with the knowledge of how to build superb clock cases. Their work exemplified what American craftsmanship is capable of while utilizing only very basic woodworking equipment. During these early years the Stoneybrook Company produced an estimated 40 different wall, mantel and grandfather clock styles as well as custom clocks at the request of its customers.

Today in the same tradition of this fine clock company the new owners, Earl and Gloria Hawkins of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, are attempting to revitalize and recreate the glory of fine American clock making. With that in mind, each Stoneybrook clock that is produced embodies the company's goal of providing one with a timeless treasure that captures the very essence of time and beauty.

Each clock is designed with precision and is made of the finest solid woods here in the U.S. Only the finest timbers are used and machined with grace, elegance and craftsmanship. The result is an heirloom clock that one will cherish for years to come. The design and construction exemplifies the founding spirit of America.

The Stoneybrook Clock company's goal is to provide you with timeless treasures that capture the essence of time and beauty.

Each Stoneybrook clock case is designed with precision and is made of the finest solid woods. We only use the finest timbers and machine each piece with grace, elegance and craftsmanship. We also use the finest German movements. The result is an heirloom clock.

Whether the clock is a grandfather, mantle or wall, the design and construction of this clock exemplifies the timeless values that characterize the founding spirit of America. This clock is one of the finest handcrafted heirlooms you can own. There is no doubt that you will cherish it for years to come.  It is our belief that clocks should be built like fine furniture that is timeless.  Therefore from the beginning of the wood selection process to the final hand rubbing after the finish coat attention is paid to detail.  The goal is to provide the finest in product in accordance with furniture building techniques steeped in the tradition of generations of American woodworkers.

Location:  7301 W. Greenfield Avenue Milwaukee/West Allis, WI 53214  877-309-4171


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