Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Learn To Love Your Customers

You need to love your customers and show your customers some love!

When is the last time you were truly delighted as a customer? We asked ourselves this question during a recent customer experience brainstorming session. One customer had been given a free gift after she bought her daily lunch from a nearby eatery, a favorite local deli. Another had received a card from a store on his birthday. And the experience that stuck out for others was when I mentioned to the manager of clothing boutique I had lost a necklace I recently purchased and she immediately gave me another one, free of charge.

Provide an experience, not just service. You could call the folks who help your customers the Customer Experience team, not customer support or customer service. That’s because the team should do more than just answer questions.  They need to play an active part in educating and empowering customers on how to best use your products, providing 1-on-1 education sessions, writing blog posts, doing demos and much more. You want your customers to have a good experience with your company so you should actively work to give them one.

Be a good listener. Don’t be afraid to get social with your customer service. As we’ve written before, customers are now communicating in a variety of places. Find out where your customers spend their time, then use tools like Facebook to monitor what people are saying about your company in social media spaces like Twitter, on blogs, on Facebook, Yelp or LinkedIn. Is someone unhappy with service they received but telling their 5,000 Twitter followers rather than you? That’s important for you to know. And if you’re there to hear the complaint, you have an opportunity to reach out and see if you can smooth the situation.

Give presents. Who doesn’t love a present? Nobody, that’s who. In the past few months, we’ve received chocolates, popcorn and a big box of cool promotional stuff. Not to say that our love can be bought (though for really good chocolate — maybe.) Each of these stood out not because they were big and fancy but because how excited we were to receive them.

Build or sell an amazing product and provide awesome service. Of course, the very best thing you can do for your customers is be awesome at your job (so they can be awesome at theirs).

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