Monday, May 20, 2013

Are you talking to the Wall?

Do you sometimes feel (or even most of the time) that your marketing or advertising is a lot like the old saying, “if talking to someone is like talking to a brick wall, the person you are speaking to does not listen.”?

Many small business owners feel the same way.   Have you considered it is not the “wall’s fault.”  It just maybe your message.  Many people try marketing with just price in mind.  Consider the follow two messages.

You're about to settle in over a slab of our wonderful ribs, about as far as a pig can go in this world.  And we picked out the best ones just for you.  We charcoaled yours in a seasoned pit - oh so slow.  And boldly basted.  And secretly seasoned.  If you're looking for the meaning of life, this is something to chew on.


 We have the cheapest ribs in town!!!

Which message makes your mouth water.  Which message put the best possible mental image in your mind?  Which message told the best possible story?

The next time you begin to write your marketing message and you think price alone is the key, you had better hope that your competition is writing that other style of message.

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