Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mothers Day Marketing Opportunities

It is that time of year again where businesses offer tried-and-true themes that attempt to convince customers that their particular product or service says “I love you, Mom” better than their competitors.

Did you know that 81% of women had become mothers by age 44 as of 2010.  That is a very deep marketing pool. It is understandable that businesses go after “Moms” as part of their yearly marketing.  Every business or service provider can tie what they offer to a Mother’s Day special.

Businesses can combine to offer a Mother’s “Day” special.  Mom’s “Day” can start with some special pampering.  Several hours at a Spa with a massage, facial, manicure and pedicure.  Then on to a hair-care and makeover sessions.  A gift of flowers, chocolate and even a corsage will add to the Mom’s “Day” mood. Wrap up the day with a extraordinary dinner (this where you give that special gift of jewelry) that is followed up with a stay away from home to conclude her special day.  Upon returning home the next day Mom finds that her house has been professionally cleaned by a maids service.

Like snowflakes every Mom is also different and many don’t want to have a day away from the children.  Perhaps a day at Disneyland or just a local amusement park, zoo or nature preserve hike will suit them even better.

A gift of a new sewing machine, craft item or hobby related needs maybe what Mom is secretly wishing for.  Would mom rather curl-up with a good book, either an electronic or a printed one?

From 99¢ stores to high-end jewelry stores Mother’s Day gifts cover all price ranges.  From simple transportation to luxury cars that cost the same as a small home show that all price ranges of automobiles have been used to show Mom’s that they are loved.

Not everyone takes the time or has the deep pockets for a special “Mom’s Day” so other offers are just as welcome.  From a simple handmade card or to a special gift that only the young child can truly understand, Mom’s everywhere appreciate the thought and remembrance that is summed up on her day.

Never loose sight of that simple phone call with a unique and quite talk will be perhaps the most appreciated gift of all!

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