Thursday, May 30, 2013

Learning To Be Your Own Boss

When you ask a typical small business owner why they started their own business many of them have a simple answer… They wanted more control over their own life.  They thought that being the boss would mean just that.  They could do a better job at running their life than working for someone else.

There is a simple saying that tends to sum it all up, “bad day of self-employment is better than a good day as an employee.”

Often, we become the boss to pay our bills and have a better life. The pay-off is not only in money. It is in a feeling of freedom and personal value.

It is small business, not large corporations or governments, that are creating most of the new jobs in the U.S. Small business owners seem to be able to find and follow trends better than big businesses. Self-employed people are more flexible and are willing to make changes to meet the needs of a changing world.

Learning to be the best boss you can be whether you are a one man shop or having a small work force that you need to run your business is a complex process.  There are many, many books on the topic.  It is a true area where on the job training is the best training.  

Father, Mother, Friend, Teacher, Disciplinary and Disciple... As a boss you have to be them all. There are days when you will feel like the mother or father (age doesn't matter here). There are days when we need a collaborative vibe and sit with coffee around a table brain storming or problem solving. There are days when you have to make sure everyone understand the goals, tasks at hand and the true business direction. There are days when you have to discipline those 10 years older than you. The most important days though, are the ones where you are the disciple. These are the days when our insanely talented workforce teaches you things you never thought you would know.  To steal a phase; you don't know what you don't know.

In the true spirit of “on the job training” a good boss learns from his mistakes as well as the mistakes of those around them.

Being you own boss is hard; it requires a foolproof knowledge of your business, your clients and your goals. Being a good boss is even harder; it requires a foolproof knowledge of both your own and your team members' individual strengths, weaknesses and styles. And then putting all that to the very best use!

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