Thursday, May 23, 2013

Learn To Pick The Low Hanging Fruit

No, we aren’t talking about you becoming a farmer we are asking you to consider where your potential customers come from.  While an online business may truly have a worldwide marketplace your local business tends to draw from your surrounding area.  The services or products you offer will also affect the make-up and demographics of your buyer.

To help illustrate our point the demographics of a car dealership will also match that of their “typical” buyer.  A KIA dealer will not attract the same buyer as a Ferrari dealer, their location not withstanding.

If you think that comparison is a stretch consider two restaurants that both sell pizzas.  One is a small family run Italian with seating for forty-five, that handcrafts each dinner to order and sells a great bottle of Chianti.  The other is a large national chain that seats two hundred and fifty, has large game room and an audio-animatronics bear band.  Those two restaurants both sell pizza but will have a very different clientele. 

When you establish your “Brand” you can then cultivate the customers you want to make purchases from your business.  If you have a physical business (brick and mortar) you can expect your customers to come to you from your local area.  Unless you have the access to a very rare business you will also have local and nearby competition.  How you price your business and treat your customers will affect the demographics of your customer base.

Consider the two pizza restaurants and imagine how their price points may differ.  Their advertising should also be aimed at very different targets.  A person that would go to the rather noisy mass market chain expecting an Italian fine dining experience would not be a happy customer.  Nor would you expect them to be a return customer.  The mass market chain should not try to spend marketing dollars and efforts to capture a customer that wants a quiet homemade Italian meal.

Does your business market to the customers you expect to please?  Do your marketing dollars go into areas that are not your target customers?  

A dry cleaning business can expect that everyone is a potential customer.  But beyond a certain radius (in miles driven) the likelihood of getting and keeping a customer diminishes.  A business that is on the route of a customers commute can retain that customer as long as the route works for the customer.  A change in the location of the customer’s work or a roadwork detour may alter the customer’s purchase habits.

Make sure your message is a match to the buyer you expect.  Call MI Printing for your next business printing project and let us help you make those choices.

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