Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Are Customers Tuning Out TV Ads?

Did you know that in the 1960s the average Television program had fifty-one minutes of content verses nine minutes of commercial time?  Today the content is more like forty two minutes and commercial time has doubled to eighteen minutes.

That means during your average hour of network programming thirty percent of the time is commercials.  That doesn’t count the commercials or product placement that occur during the programming content.

If you haven’t noticed the increase in product placement don’t feel bad, if just means they are doing their job effectively.  They don’t want you to realize the attempt to sneak in the product.  They are really going for a subliminal effect.  The technique, also called brand integration, wants to avoid or combat the affect called “Tune Out”.  More and more viewers are ignoring or tuning out the advertisers messages.

Technology and clutter tend to blunt the effectiveness and reach of the commercial spots that have underpinned the television business for nearly 50 years, the various players are scrambling to adapt.

That can of soda setting on the counter with the logo or branding showing is a product placement.  The car that the actor drives is provided as an incentive from the manufacturer.  In some cases ads that run during the programming will refer to the tie in.  On the show Defiance they feature a Dodge that is touted during both the show and accompanying ads.  During Warehouse 13 they show a Toyota Prius and then run matching ads during the advertising breaks.

Anytime an actor raves about a product or displays a logo you can bet that wasn’t included by accident.  At the end of a sports event the athlete doesn’t mention going to Disneyland as a spontaneous comment.

On Friday Night Lights the Gatorade containers seemed like they belonged on the side lines.  But the company paid to have their name and product displayed.  American Idol used the Coke brand and X Factor featured Pepsi to keep the cola wars going.

US product placement spending rose 10.2% to $4.26 billion in 2011 and is striding toward a third consecutive year of faster growth in 2012 on the strength of paid placements in television, internet, mobile and music content.

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