Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What Customers Really Need or Want

What is the best gift you can give to your customers?  Did you think low prices?  How about fast service?  Perhaps it would be great customer service?

If we begin to think from the very basic customer’s needs… a product or service they really need?

There can be a spectacular difference between what customers want and what most businesses offer. This widening gap can create dissatisfaction, distrust, and-worst of all for any business-disloyalty.

Evidence shows that customers will no longer tolerate the rushed and inconvenient service that has become all too common. Instead, they are looking for a satisfying experience. Companies that provide it will win their loyalty.

More than half of the customers surveyed across industries say they’ve had a bad service experience, and nearly the same fraction think many of the companies they interact with don’t understand or care about them. On average, 40% of customers who suffer through bad experiences stop doing business with the offending company.

Superior customer service can be an essential source of strength as companies emerge from the recession, but managers need to understand the extent to which the consumer landscape has shifted. Weakened brands, customers’ easy access to information about vendors, and the erosion of barriers to switching among competitors have combined to create a much more challenging environment for service, whether it’s outsourced or delivered in-house.

Some business owners believe that irritated customers will forgive errors and problems and come back for more. Research indicates that, on the contrary, alienated customers often disappear without the slightest warning. And as companies rebuild themselves after the recession, this silent attrition represents a host of lost opportunities for future sales and positive word of mouth.

Business owners should also aim to have consistently high-quality interactions between customers and frontline employees. That may sound costly, but contact information systems and other technologies can help to substantially offset the expense.

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