Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Promote With Postcards

Current First Class Postcard Postage is 33 cents (4 x 6 inches)

Postcards convey a sense of urgency to the customer. They may not read your letter but they will turn your postcard over. Include a QR code. (You have 3 seconds to get your message across. The average time people look at any type of advertising)

Postcards will keep your mailing list clean (Address Correction Requested), First class returned and corrected free of charge by the Post Office.

With a postcard, your message is out in the open. Other potential customers will see it too, not just the person it's addressed to.

Send a Birthday Card

Mail greeting cards to your customers to help them celebrate any type of anniversary. 

Include a coupon or special offer or tell them about your product that they should give themselves as a gift.

Update Your Promotional Materials

Make sure business cards, letterheads, brochures and packaging materials are first class. This is not the area to spare expenses.

What types of materials is your competition using?

If you can't afford 4 color brochures use 2 or 3 color. Remember that the use of color increases response by 26%.

Always Offer a Great Thank You

Thank customers with a special offer.

Thank anyone who refers business to you with a personalized thank you card, phone call, discounts, flowers, dinner or even a commission.

Thank your reliable suppliers with a letter and increased orders.  People will remember your kindness.

If you need help with your business printing needs make sure MI Printing is the printer to consider for your next printing job.  We can start with a quick phone call to 623.582.1302.  We want to say “Thanks In Advance”!

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