Thursday, June 6, 2013

Getting Your Message Out

It has been less than a hundred yeas when there was just a few ways to communicate your businesses’ message out to the public.  Newspapers, Magazines, Billboards, Flyers and Display advertising were about it.  Radio soon joined the mix.

We added television in the early nineteen-fifties.  The ways to market a business settled down for many years.  In the mid-nineties saw computers add several new methods.  The internet and automated phone messages arrived at the same time. I guess you could blame both on the spread of relative inexpensive computers.

Sports marketing began to grow as “billboards” began to populated vehicles and sports stars themselves.

Cellular phones added to the reach of telephone marketing.  The internet was a new direct selling tool for many start-up small businesses.  Used properly email became the new “word-of-mouth.

The real diffusion in marketing began when social media began to grow as the “new way “ to reach out and touch someone.  These new channels began to grow and open up hundreds of different polls of customers to target.

As cell phones morphed into the smart phone and each customer began carrying what amounts to a Swiss army knife of computer related tools into that hand sized communications device.  Many customers were now using a single device that allows many channels  for business communications.

You can deliver your sales message, customer service and informational snippets to the smart phone as voice calls, text, emails, social messages (now the newest word-of-mouth), display ads, press releases and many more.   

Marketers discover new ways to use these communication computers to “reach” potential buyers nearly everyday.  We will be looking at true interactive billboards speaking a different message to targeted customers as they move about in there daily lives in the very near future.  Science fiction ideas are beginning to lag behind the real world.  You can expand the idea of Google Glasses to a personal 3-D projector.

Star  Trek’s communicators became the real cell phones, but smart phones have far more features and power than the 60s TV show ever thought of.

As cars become more connected I expect that commuting and drive-time will move well beyond the radio as a way to reach out to that “captive” market.  

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