Monday, June 10, 2013

Made In The USA – Lucas Oil

Lucas Oil Products was started by Forrest Lucas in July 1989. He opened a plant in Corona, Calif., that made the Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer. Nobody wants to be the first one to try a new product, and Forrest had to figure out what to charge and how to sell it. He sold to truck stops, running cheap ads with a picture of the counter guy so that prospective clients would see people they knew using it.

The company is a sponsor of several NASCAR, H1 Unlimited, NHRA and Indy Racing League events. In 2005, Lucas Oil founded the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series.

On February 28, 2006 that Lucas Oil purchased the naming rights to the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana for $120 million over 20 years.

In 2009, Lucas Oil founded the short course off-road racing series Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. In September 2011, the company bought specialty television channel MavTV to promote their motorsport championships. In March 2012, Lucas Oil extended their title sponsorship of the AMA Motocross series.

Forrest Lucas’ Advice

Be honest to a fault. We get lots of deals when a sponsor falls out for a race at the last minute, and people come to us. We don't need to draw up a contract because they know if we give them our word, it's a done deal.

Put your employees first. Before you open a business somewhere, see whether it's a nice environment where people will want to live. See what it will cost your employees to live there because that's going to determine what you have to pay.

Use products made in the U.S. If we can get it made here, we use it. Everything in our oil, additives, and bottles is made in America. We can buy things cheaper elsewhere, but we need to buy things from each other to get out of this economic mess.

Be fair. We treat our vendors like family because we're also a vendor. Ask for a good deal, but don't grind anyone into the ground. Let others make a living too.

Location: 302 North Sheridan Street  Corona, CA 92880 - 951-270-0154


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