Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What is True Target Marketing?

Did you know that the ultimate goal of marketing is to make selling unnecessary.  You need to understand (also think target) your customer so closely that your product or service fits their needs so well the product sells itself.

In some business they think that the product offer will be accepted if the timing is right.  If you are driving and you are running out of gas the very next gas station finds your needs.  Depending on how critical your need for fuel, the brand and price no longer enter into to the purchase question.

Most people try to avoid the “out of gas” scenario when making their purchases.  Consumers want the timing, cost and brand to be part of every purchase situation.  A business needs to fulfill the customers needs, wants and demands.

Needs are plentiful  Basics human needs include food, clothing, comfort, safety and belonging.

Wants are the needs shaped by culture and the purchaser.

Demands are simply the wants of the consumer when they backed by the ability to pay for the “thing” they want.

Can you describe your product or service clearly and succinctly? What qualities differentiate your offerings from others in the industry? How will customers benefit? If you can't reply to these questions without hesitation, focus on developing clear explanations.

Keep in mind that marketing and clear communications are the key to reach your target market.  Clear words and messages have the ability to paint word pictures. Vivid images leave impressions in customers' minds, giving them a sense of your business and the people behind your operation. 

Too slick of a description can send clients running to your competitor, whereas sincerity can build your reputation and inspire long-term loyalty. Phrases like "family owned and operated" or "dedicated to giving back to the community" will help clients connect with your humanity and commitment. Then, make sure your business practices back up your marketing words and show that your business is genuine.

After drafting your marketing content, review the wording with objectivity. Process the information as if you were a customer just learning about your business. replace every word that is confusing or unnecessary. Simplify and polish your message to help the real meaning of your company, you’re your identity and message can rise to the top.

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