Thursday, October 3, 2013

Business Owner’s Big Question – Are You Ready For The Holidays?

I know that it is just a month or a bit more since you got the children through “back to school” and you might think that it is a bit early to start singing Holiday Songs, but from your marketing time-table, your calendar is winding down quickly! In fact I can hear the Monster Mash lyrics playing on the radio and TV advertisements.  The Haunted House attractions are going up all over town.  Fall décor is all over the stores.

Here in Arizona we are still walking around in flip flops and perspiring from the heat, you might not feel very motivated to plan for the holidays, but Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanza are just around the corner.  All of a sudden they will begin to feel like a locomotive bearing down on you and your business.

Or you could be thinking that summer flew by before you could take a breath, and while that may be true, you are about to enter the fastest four months for all businesses, no matter the size or type of product or service.

The last quarter of the year is often the biggest and busiest time of the year for all businesses, It really doesn’t matter for Business to Consumer or for Business to Business companies. Consumer serving companies get the most publicity but business-serving companies are busy as well.

Budget planning and deadlines need to be closed and tax credits taken advantage of with purchases that drive year-end sales. Contract renewals are at their height and keeping or winning an account will affect next year’s sales. Celebrations require event spaces and caterers or a restaurant. Early bookings could limit your options, and conversely if that is your business category then you should be reminding your customers to book before all the best dates are gone.

Should your business support consumer-facing companies, those clients are going to really need you during the holiday season. All businesses, large and small, serving consumers or serving businesses all have the opportunity to go into hyper mode in the last quarter of the year bringing you sales and profits that exceed previous year.

Are you and your business ready to go the extra mile for your customers and your business itself? If you aren’t is your competition ready to take up your slack and your customers? Those very questions haunt many a business owner this time of year.

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