Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What Is Marketing?

What is the definition of marketing?  There are many, but here is one that makes a lot of sense; “Ensuring that you're selling the right products or services to the right customers and for the right price”. Consider that you could add “at the right time” to that message as well.

From that statement you might think that the basic technique of marketing would be to segment your customer base and deal with each segment differently, focusing most attention on the segments that produce the most profit. For marketing to be considered successful the results of your marketing  should be sales growth and increased profitability.

Do you think of your brand as though it were living, breathing and altering lives of people who utilize your product or service? Was your brand born, hatched or created like Frankenstein, but regardless, it come to life and hopefully develops an emotional connection with your brand. How is your brand supported by your current marketing?

Your brand's marketing shouldn’t communicate erratically or in an unpredictable manner.  Too many times marketing campaigns and communications can seem fractured, and/or budget constraints limit the execution of full campaigns and thus the impact we intended. The point is to stay the course, maintain a consistent message and presence in the market, and pursue brand goals with passion and persistence.

You should always want your brands to have meaningful relationships with customers? Don’t we always want our customers to have a “brand experience”?  This is only possible if we apply the concept of social skill and think of our brands as people, perhaps even as leaders that interact with and positively affect others. What could be more human than this!

It’s also critical for your marketing to be “in control,” so to speak. Ensure all of your marketing is accurate and avoid overpromising or harsh words. This is especially important in times of heated competition, try to ensure the brand stays true to itself, behaves properly and doesn’t overreact when the market gets stirred up.  Always respond to email and social media in a fair and measured manner. Public relation responses are as important as sales action upfront.

Shouldn’t your brand marketing know its mood and emotion and those effects on your market audience.  Every element of your brand’s communication, color, logo, tagline, copy, etc — should reflect the brand’s mood, tone and personality, and it’s imperative as good stewards to understand how this will impact our customers and most importantly compel them to actions you desire. For here your marketing should produce sales growth and increased profitability. We all agree that is the goal of your efforts.

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