Monday, October 14, 2013

Learn To Set Your Business Apart!

We have mentioned the “Me Too” business practices of many businesses when it comes to promotions. Setting yourself apart or even above other businesses makes more sense to us here at MI Printing.

You would never think of saying that your competition is just as good as your business, would you?  If you constantly “follow” marketing trends that is the effect of what you are doing.  If you sell donuts you want your buyer to feel that they are buying the best tasting donuts in the whole wide world. Well at least the best donuts in your town.

You need to celebrate what makes your business special or different. You want people to buy from you because you have what they want and need.

“You are always better off having a point of difference in your product or service, instead of just coming out with a me-too and relying on your merchandising and advertising ability. Businesses in all industries as competitive as any who say ‘we are better marketers than our competitors that’s why we will win,’ are just fooling themselves.” It is what you offer not how you offer it that sets you apart.

Selling something that doesn’t live up to its hype illustrates the old saying, “You can fool some of the people all of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” Remember the other marketing adage, “Tell a good story and then remember you have to live up to it!”

Do you run your business like a major corporation or like a traditional “Mom & Pop”? There is great strength in size, but there is also great weakness. The strength is that people tend to believe that larger companies may know more, but with that positive perception comes a burden of inaccessibility. Coldness. Institutional. Not friendly. Not human. Not real. How do you want your customers to feel about your business?

Many types the choice may be between a big-box store and your small business.  What do you offer that will set your business apart.  The service you offer, the education you offer, the flexibility you offer is something they may not be able to offer.  Perhaps a visit to your competition will help you discover their weaknesses and allow you to play on your strengths in comparison to your competition.

No matter how great the products or services are, customers will not beat down the door in numbers needed to stay in business if their view of the business is not positive. Sometimes, it only takes unsubstantiated negative publicity, or poor ethical choices to make a business start to flounder. Therefore, CEO’s and Small Business Owners need to establish sound goals, make ethical choices and keep a positive perception, of their business among most audiences. Poor perceptions are next to impossible to overcome and years may not necessarily cause the public to forget or change the poor perceptions.

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