Thursday, October 17, 2013

Now That I Have Your Attention!

You need to make sure you understand the base concrete rule of marketing. You can’t get your message across if no one is listening. In other words you first need to get their attention. There are many ways to get your audience’s attention.

How you get attention varies depending on who you are trying to reach and the method you are using to market or advertise.  But make no mistake you first need to get their attention.

This is the basis for the old adage that sex sells.  While the image and message may vary depending on the gender of the target audience it is a way to get “their” attention.  The recent television commercial by Gevalia Coffee using a clearly sensual “Johan” character doing a dramatic reading of the roasting process is just a recent example for the female coffee buyers. What advertisers do for the male buyers is of course both effective and controversial at the same time.

We have all seen the loud and obnoxious local car sales ads that use pure volume to try and get our attention. Thankfully that type of ads are on the decline. But loud ads and advertisements that use burst of noise to get your attention are being used in many other cases.

Billboards that are done correctly use few words but a catchy message to grab attentions.  This falls into the same area as a great headline or ad that grabs attention with a short phrase. A really famous example is, A Diamond Is Forever.

Does “Good To The Last Drop” or “Got Milk?” ring a bell or remind you of a brand or product? Leaving the potential consumer with a memorable message is the goal after you have gotten their attention.

Singers, actors and athletes know their public personas are directly tied to their revenues and opportunities. But what about the rest of us? Even if you are the best manager at your business, the financial analyst with the most accurate projections or the creative ad director who has won the most awards, talent alone doesn’t ensure recognition.

Professional speakers and authors both know that getting and keeping your audience is vital to your success. An often used phrase that is used is that of a single idea “the hook.”  You need to have a hook to catch them right up front.

How big is the signage you use on your business? What colors do you use on your brochures? What is your business’ tag line or slogan? When did you last consider how effective your marketing is? When was the last time you gave your customer a gift with your logo or contact information?

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