Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Communications Can Be Difficult

Considering we practice communication everyday with our clients, customers, co-workers, family and friends, is it not somewhat surprising that we still struggle with communication at all levels? Perhaps it is because the skill set is so vast incorporating writing, speaking, listening, promoting and counselling into the mastery of communication skills, making it difficult to achieve excellence in all areas.

The first step in successful communications is learning to be a good (make that great) listener.  Or in the case of written communications learn to become a great reader. You need to read and then re-read the communication. It is a good practice before sending any written communication to read and re-read it very carefully, you need to treat all incoming messages the same way.

Take whatever time necessary to understand that incoming message.  If there is any question about meaning perhaps it would be best to ask the writer to restate their comment or question rather than make a mistake in your answer due to a misunderstanding of the original message.

When you look at how complex the human communication process actually is, it is surprising we get along as well as we do. That is why it is very important to check back for understanding - three-way communication techniques and feedback give us that final check.

So, what are some of the tools we can use to be an effective communicator?

• Know your audience - what tools will work best with different groups;

• Never make assumptions;

• Make sure you understand the context;

• Observe others communication techniques;

• Apply KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle - make your message clear and concise;

• Make sure you understand your customer’s WITFM (what’s in it for me);

• Take the time to analyze when you have been an effective communicator;

• Use stories and examples to get your message across - keep it personal;

• Pick the right medium for your audience;
• Close the loop - obtain feedback and practice effective follow-up.

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