Monday, October 28, 2013

Is Anybody Doing Follow-up These Days?

Maybe it is just me?  I mean that, maybe it is just happening to me. Little to no follow-up, is what I mean.

Just to give you a run-down for the last three weeks or so. I called my car insurance company and wanted to talk about how an upgrade to my vehicles security system should lower my car insurance cost.  The policy service person promised to call me back on a certain day.  That day has come and gone. No call!

My car dealer’s service center was to call me and set a time for a safety related warranty repair. Almost a week beyond the promised call date and you guessed it, no call.

For the first time in many years a purchase from a trusted company didn’t make it to my post office box.  Yes, it was shipped with tracking.  Yes, it was shipped and we can track it to the Phoenix sorting center.  There the tracking ends.  The package made it to Phoenix, but not to my post office box.  We have made two attempts to find out from our local Post Office what has happened to the package.  The last time the Post Office took more information and promised to call us back.  Sure enough we are still waiting to hear from the United States Postal Service.

These are the main offenders but it is not the totality of the lack of follow-up.  It seems like the lack of follow-up is reaching epidemic proportions. How about you? Are you on the receiving end of this type of service? Or should I say, lack of service?

Since this blog is aimed at businesses and business owners, can I ask how your organization is doing, follow-up wise that is?

How are you and your employees doing when it comes to customer follow-up?  Follow-up comes in two general forms… short term and long term. A restaurant has contact with the diners and their requests for additional items, changes, corrections and last but not least the sincere “Thank You” for their business.

This may be a bit more in the forefront from a recent purchase at a restaurant.  The food delivered had a glaring flaw. I asked for a manger to come to the table and asked if it was normal to deliver a bun to the table that was rock hard and made a great noise when banged against the plate.  The manager promised to remake the food and bring me a replacement.  About a half an hour later a different server stopped by to see if I still wanted my replacement.  I might mention the thought of giving me a refund never entered the conversation.

My payback here is very simple, I need never return to that restaurant.

How good is your business follow-up?

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