Monday, March 12, 2012

The Real Cost of the Cheapest Price

Did you know you can buy full Color Business Cards for just $9.95 plus shipping.  Sounds like a great deal.  Well only, if you want to hand out your business card with the other companies logo and info on the backside.

Is that the kind of professionalism you want to ally your business with. 

Is the going for the cheapest cost the best way to think about portraying your business?  What about the best quality as your benchmark.

Does something made at the cheapest price last as long as something that is made to the best standards.  If you buy the cheapest product three times during the life of the best product does it matter that you saved 50%?

When you buy the cheapest product and at the end of its life you have to throw it away, how does that compare to the best product that can still be sold for almost as much or more than it cost you originally?

If the cheapest product is out of service for repairs and refitting, twice as often as a better made product what does that do to the real bottom line?

What if using the cheapest product is dangerous or harmful to the user or consumers?  How often have you read about tainted products.  How cost effective is it to recall millions of products?  What is the affect on future sales and consumer trust.

Well, we believe it is better to do right the first time. Really Right!

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