Monday, March 5, 2012

What are PMS colors

When mixing inks, all printers follow a system called PMS-Pantone Matching System. This allows printers all over the world to use one formula to develop a specific color. It also ensures that when a buyer purchases printing he or she is certain of what he or she will receive.

Sometimes PMS books can be faded or numbers can be misread and the wrong color gets printed. Therefore,it is recommend that you bring in a sample of the exact color you want so there is no misunderstanding.

One use is standardizing colors in the CMYK process. The CMYK process is a method of printing color by using four inks — cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. A majority of the world's printed material is produced using the CMYK process, and there is a special subset of Pantone colors that can be reproduced using CMYK .

On September 5, 2007 Pantone introduced the Goe System Goe consists of over 2,000 new colors in a brand new matching and numbering system. In addition to the standard swatch books (now called the GoeGuide), the new system also includes adhesive-backed GoeSticks, interactive software, tools, and an online community where users are able to share color swatches and information.

The Goe system is streamlined to use fewer base colors (10 + Clear coating for reflections) and accommodates many technical challenges in reproducing colors on a press.

Each page of the PMS book has small printed swatches of ink. They are presented in a logical sequence. For example, a section of the book might have all shades of red, starting with deep hues, and proceeding to light hues.

PMS books show how a color looks on coated and uncoated papers. It gives you a choice of hundreds of colors.

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