Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thank You Notes – Your Secret Weapon

A little used, but always appreciated follow up to a sale, a Thank You Note! Today some of the folks doing this are using email and that is better than nothing.  But, a nice printed note card that arrives by mail is the best of all.

While not all businesses have the opportunity to deal with a customer on a level that allows the capture of the information needed to send out a thank you card those that do are missing a great customer perk if they don’t follow-up in with the note.  If they end up with your competitor and they use a thank you note you may never see that customer again.

In today’s fast paced world, even hearing a heart felt thank is rare enough.  So think of the impact of a hand written note arriving in their mail.

Today many businesses have out a way for a customer to join their email list or newsletter.  If go a step further and ask for their physical address they may be willing to give up that information as well.  In the future when that customer makes a sufficient purchase you can follow-up with their (yes, it is theirs) thank you from you.

You can make your printed note, formal or informal, that part doesn’t matter as much as the actual sending of that note card and the heart felt, Thank You it includes.

Keep in mind that if you feel that this could be too time consuming or expensive to do it as a follow-up note.  A generic thank you can be slipped into the customers purchase.

Don’t think that your customers feel the “Thank You” printed on their sales receipt means anything compared to your hand written one.

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