Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What is the Best Business Practice?

I have read several articles lately about the Best Business Practices.  What I was looking for was an idea, a simple idea that would make a great blog for our small business readers.

I have read all about having a plan that helps management have the best strategy for marketing.  Many times those articles read something like this…

"The creation of a senior level decision making architecture that allows senior managers and boards the freedom to think ahead, in order to make decisions based on foresight and not on historic maxims or intrinsic axioms."

OK, does that really say that the boss needs to formulate a plan without regard to the past?

I remember being taught that those who don’t know or understand history will end up making the same mistakes over again.

I could give you many other examples of corporate thinking and the one thing they seem to have in common is the utter lack of regard for product quality and consumer happiness with the product.  Bottom line comes first.  Unless you are the only place a person can buy your product, you had better keep the customer happy!

Make a good quality product and the customer is always satisfied.  Reading about companies and how they do business lead me to find that the expectation of a Disney Park guest is one of the highest of any consumers of any offering.  What a daunting prospect.  They must be offering a quality product because the flip side is the return rate of those guests is the highest in the Theme Park Industry.

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